Managed Application Modernisation.

Your rocket fuel for cloud value – with zero up-front costs

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When you lift and shift applications to the cloud, you migrate legacy issues in webs of code and data that weren’t worth untangling at the time. If you don’t modernise, your value from cloud will plateau.

Managed Application Modernisation is a financially savvy and strategic way to untangle those webs, reduce risks, drive down costs – and supercharge value from the cloud.

Rocket fuel for cloud value

Managed Application Modernisation is a unique approach in which our modernisation and managed services experts work side by side, making clever improvements that cut licence and capacity costs, reduce technical and security risks, and expand functionality. We help manage applications from day 1, so you quickly reap the cost and business benefits of modernisation.

Zero up-front modernisation costs

A major barrier to modernisation is that it’s perceived as expensive. Managed Application Modernisation eliminates these budgetary hurdles because there are zero up-front costs. Instead, it’s spread as monthly opex over your managed services commitment. You therefore drive value without hitting cash reserves.

Why Managed Application Modernisation.

Zero financial risk

You only pay for modernisation as you get the benefits. Costs are amortised and added to your monthly managed services commitment.

Greater TCO savings

To give you an idea, one Nordcloud customer saved €1 million in licences alone from replatforming and getting rid of the app tail from old projects.

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Reduce risk

Supercharged business value

You can more easily leverage native services and release features because we manage your applications as they’re modernised.

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