Business Leaders: Have You Had These Six Cloud Conversations Yet?

Driving a holistic cloud transformation can mean many different things for your industry, but one thing is true for all businesses: it needs to be driven by you and your leadership team.

The 6 Cloud Conversations To own

Public cloud digital initiatives are at the top of every CEO’s agenda, with the expected outcome a predictable, satisfied customer base from now to eternity. What’s not expected is the extent of organisational changes that need to be made to get there; changes to the company culture,
operational models, capabilities, and workflows to support continuous evolution.

At Nordcloud, we live and breathe this every day—it’s the very essence of how work with our
customers. Yes, the cloud technologies you chose are utterly important; Yes, pilot projects need to
happen. But that is not where we start. Our cloud transformations start with the leadership teams,
not the IT teams. In the corner office, not the server room.