Nordcloud contracted as a partner for onboarding after office hours

Founded in 2002, Fonecta is the largest provider of digital sales and marketing services in Finland. Fonecta helps over 36 000 companies understand their customers and implement marketing solutions that suit them best.

Fonecta came to us in early 2019, because they were in need of a partner for managing their AWS infrastructure after office hours. Fonecta was only able to oversee their cloud infrastructure during normal office hours, from 9 am until 5 pm. As a solution, Nordcloud was contracted to monitor Fonecta’s AWS environment during other times.


Additional assistance in AWS inspector and cost optimization

During the onboarding process of Fonecta’s AWS environment, Fonecta was satisfied with the speed and quality of our work. The typical timeframe for onboarding a Cloud App to Nordcloud Managed Services is 2 weeks, but we managed to onboard it in 2 to 4 days. Due to this efficiency, Fonecta provided us with additional areas of responsibilities. These included the deployment of AWS Inspector and performing cost optimization of Fonecta’s EC2 Instances over their whole AWS environments.

In order to implement the AWS inspector, we worked closely with Fonecta’s experienced team of architects. The automated security assessment service was implemented on both stateful and stateless EC2 instances. For stateful instances, we installed the inspector manually, while stateless instances followed an automated process. To ensure data is protected, we handled the implementation on stateful EC2 instances carefully.

Most recently, we have been helping Fonecta with cost optimization. Fonecta’s old EC2 instances were consuming a lot of resources and resulting in higher costs for the company. As a solution, we provided Fonecta with a cost optimization plan based on their whole AWS environments, targeting EC2 instances (both stateful and stateless) and RDS instances. With these efforts, we also implemented a manual process for stateful instances to ensure data remains protected. We will be following an automated procedure for the migration of stateless instances in the coming year.


Enhanced trust in the AWS environments

Nordcloud implemented AWS Inspector to Fonecta’s current AWS environment and the solution enables best practises in security, automated identification of application security issues and enforcement standards in targeted DevSecOps processes. After the implementation, the solution has relieved vulnerabilities, which have been fixed and now Fonecta feels that they have the visibility that enables them to trust their environments.