Concept Design for a fashion portal


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Concept Design for a fashion portal

The Challenge is a active blog community with both editorial and user created content. The topics in Lily are focused around fashion, beauty, relationships, wellbeing, culture, and family. A-lehdet wanted to grow Lily’s user base by launching another service that would have a clear focus on fashion only. This service would become Lily Edit and was the first fashion portal to be launched on the Finnish market.

The requirement for Lily Edit was that journalists would have easy-to-use  tools for producing quality content. Additionally, a technical requirement was that external bloggers would be able to choose whether they want to use their own existing platforms or start using the new Lily Edit platform.


The Solution

The concept design was done in cooperation with A-lehdet’s editorial team and a third party.

The actual development was preceded by a one month proof-of-concept phase where all the functionalities were tested. When we moved to the continuous development model we built the service in two-week-cycles followed by constant testing. Together with the client’s technical team we chose to focus on a modular structure to support the diverse content of Lily Edit, an easy-to-use content creation tool, and improvements to the old CSS-styles. The KPIs of the service were defined together with the client’s analytics team.

The service was tested with beta users for 2 weeks. Feedback was tackled and the site was ready to launch.

The Results

Lily edit was launched successfully and it quickly found a loyal user base. Journalists and content creators were extremely happy with the newly introduced ease in content production. One interesting UX improvement was the 30-50% faster load time.


About the company

A-lehdet is a family-owned media house with a focus on lifestyle content. A-lehdet has brands reaching millions of Finns


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