Global Industrial Manufacturing Company – AWS Greengrass.

The Power of Cloud to the Edge of IoT .

The Challenge.

The Internet of Things is often a pure cloud play, but when the Things are heavy duty industrial machines with real time requirements, the intelligence needs to be extended to the Things locally. The traditional model of running this intelligence on a completely separate technology is expensive to develop and maintain. Even more importantly, it fails to utilize the power of cloud services in centralized management and deployment of functionality and updates. A global industrial manufacturing company was faced with these difficulties in bringing forth their full vision for enabling their products and machines for the IoT.

The Solution.

Amazon Web Services launched Greengrass, a solution that lets customers run cloud native services and code on the edge of the network without complicating the management of the full IoT solution. A small set of customers was able to pilot the service as first in the world prior to the official launch. As a proven expert with public cloud and AWS technologies Nordcloud was chosen by the pilot company to be the implementation partner for the solution. A quick lean project was initiated in distinct work packages that was able to extend the customer’s IoT with Greengrass technology. Node.js Lambda functions were deployed on Greengrass to calculate KPI values based on MQTT data received locally from industrial equipment. Greengrass MQTT routing was used to forward all data securely to the cloud, where identical Lambda functions were used to verify the KPI values before archiving in a cloud database.

The Results.

With the project the customer was able to take the new innovation into use as the first company in the world in their industry. The added IoT capabilities can now be used to set them apart of the competition. Co-operation with Nordcloud has continued in other domains and we expect to be able to bring the innovations that the public cloud offers to the customer’s benefit in also the future.

“For years we’ve seen the benefits of serverless cloud native applications built with Lambda functions. Being able to use exactly the same technology on edge devices on customer premises is a huge step forward.”

Kenneth FalckPrincipal Architect

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