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SAP is the operational foundation of many businesses, but it is becoming slow and cumbersome for many. In today’s ever-changing digital economy, businesses must aim to improve business processes and use end-to-end, real-time insights, for this. It could be time to make the decision and start planning the move of your SAP systems to Azure.

The benefits of running SAP on the public cloud

There are many benefits to migrating SAP to Microsoft Azure, which was one of the most secure and innovative public clouds. Moving SAP to the cloud overcomes many of the issues that slow down and make SAP inflexible, allowing companies to grow and scale securely using familiar systems while saving money.

SAP on Azure enables companies to:

  • Scale quickly, infinitely: Break free from traditional SAP and infrastructure limitations. Scale up and down quickly with unlimited flexibility.
  • Save on cost: Save with a CapEx free, pay-as-you-go model. We also combine SAP automation with our cost optimisation to ensure you only pay for what you use.
  • Gain speed and agility: Increase productivity with faster development, build, test, and run cycles all done with the agility and speed of public cloud.
  • Access data insights: Gain insights from SAP data using familiar tools, instead of a reporting specialist, to make better-informed business decisions.
  • Experience full security: Ensure secure handling of SAP data and applications by leveraging the built-in security and reliability of Microsoft Azure.

At Nordcloud, we can help move your SAP systems to Azure with the help of our team of experts, so contact us now to realise the full benefits of SAP on the Azure cloud.

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