Cloud Computing News #7: Company culture affects cloud readiness

This week we focus on how company culture can drive the digital transformation.

How can CTOs improve employee readiness for Cloud?

Digital transformation requires also employee readiness which few companies consider when planning transformation. Infomation Age discusses how CTOs can help solve the employee engagement in transformation by driving digital change to successfully integrate new technologies into the enterprise. According to a study by Bain & Company 2017, 87 % of employees feel disengaged globally. This can be a result of fragmented and outdated technology which makes working remotely frustrating. So how can CTOs improve employee readiness for digital transformation?
  1. Identify the problem, make a roadmap, and pilot: Identify problems that needs solving and what will the enterprise gain from the migration. Draw up a technology roadmap and structure the pilot phases for cloud-based tools which will underpin employee connectedness.
  2. Integrate the technologies employees use and break down communications barriers.
  3. Gather insights from analytics, to share with the c-suite to improve productivity and engagement across the entire organisation.
  4. Use predictive analytics and machine learning for IT teams to be proactive with security and safety.
  5. Change the culture: focus on the employee experience. Digital transformation is a long-term process that can only be successful when it has the backing of the entire organisation.
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How to support Cloud? 3 ways to build an agile company culture

To work effectively in the cloud, you need more than just the right technology – you need the right culture. In our blog post, we introduce three ways you can build an agile company culture that supports the cloud, so you can get the most out of your digital transformation.
  1. Share a common vision: Digital transformation is like rowing a boat; if one person is rowing in the opposite direction, it makes hard work for everyone else. Likewise, you won’t be able to push forward with the cloud if you’re faced with resistance from a few uncommitted employees. To ensure everyone is on the same page, you need a shared vision that they can believe in.
  2. Abolish the hierarchy: Not entirely, of course, but loosening the reins to give employees more decision-making power will drive your business forward. The agile methodology is founded upon making small but important decisions quickly so you can make progress.
  3. Make it a business goal: For the cloud and digital transformation to be adopted across the entire business, it must become ingrained in all your processes, not just one small silo. Someone has to be the champion that drives this integration forward and ensures that the agile methodology becomes a core part of your business operations.
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More Value from the Cloud When Company Transforms its Culture

According to AWS Cloud Strategy Blog, the mining industry is in the midst of a transformation. The future is digital—mining companies are shifting their business strategies to account for how technology can help create new business and operating models. These new technology solutions can help miners improve safety, increase efficiencies in production, drive more accurate planning, or even promote more sustainable mining practices. Yet an area that is often overlooked is how adopting the cloud goes beyond enabling a new technology-driven solution—it’s also about enabling a new technology-supported way of working. AWS has been working with their mining customers to explore how their people can innovate, using the cloud as an enabler of great change:
  • Focus on the end results: What outcomes will you see once your solution is ready?
  • Drive internal collaboration so that technology solutions are grounded in outcomes that end users (like line-of-business users) need versus outcomes IT thinks they might want.
  • Help employees select small but important wins that can serve as an entry, not only into the cloud, but also into new ways of working, allowing IT to forge tighter alliances to line-of-business leads, adopting continuous development methods, and allowing space for rethinking processes and team structures.
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