AWS re:Invent 2018: our recap

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Here are some updates and experiences from AWS re:Invent 2018 Las Vegas

What a week it was! Those were not well-rested people I saw on the flight back home to Finland.

Mainly three topics were covered last week by Nordcloud team: hosting clients, tuning in on new launches and updates, and personal skills development.

A plethora of new things were launched during the week - so one week didnĀ“t seem to fit everything. Comprehensive list of all announcements can be found online and in this post Iā€™ll focus on sharing our experiences and highlights from the event.

AWS has both the biggest market share and growth numbers*

It is safe to say that AWS is the biggest in the public cloud market (with 51.8% market share) and with biggest growth in absolute numbers ($2.1B). More than half of all Windows workloads in the public cloud (57.7%) are run on AWS. There are a total of 86 premier tier partners globally, and Nordcloud is one of them. The amount of premier tier partners keeps growing because the public cloud usage is constantly increasing. 

AWS estimates that $2T is spent annually on datacenter maintenance, i.e. keeping the lights on. This explains why Jeff Bezos is interested enough to have migrations reported to him on a monthly basis. From development point of view the future is serverless.

Our top 3 picks of new service launches

New service launches were announced during re:Invent. Our CTO Ilja Summala picked his top 3 announcements: Lambda Layers, AWS Security Hub and AWS Outposts.

Lambda Layers allows the code to be packaged and deployed across multiple functions - this helps code reuse and service management. Security Hub will enable large organisations centralise their control in multi-account environments. AWS Outposts launch means that AWS is entering the hybrid competition - you can have AWS services in your own on-prem datacenter. This will open new opportunities for clients who donā€™t yet want to migrate to public cloud.


Being a premier partner is becoming even more premium

The requirements for different partner tiers are going to be changed somewhat during the first half of 2019, and they are going to be a bit harder to achieve. As the only premier partner in the Nordics, we are going to continue to serve our AWS customers in the Nordics and all across Europe. Nordcloud is also an AWS Competency partner in DevOps. This program expanded with Containers Competency this year.

Stay tuned for more news on AWS - a new AWS Region Stockholm launch this month.

*Andy Jassy ā€˜Keynoteā€™ AWS re:Invent; Las Vegas, USA: 26-30 November 2018


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