Cloud Core # 9 – Lessons from battle-hardened cloud adopters

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Hold onto your cloud hats because season 2 of Cloud Core is here! 

Meet our new host, Wojciech Peek, Customer Success Manager at Nordcloud, who teams up with our own cloud experts Hans Christoffersson, CTO Sweden, and Hamin Mousavi, Principal Cloud Architect.

In this episode, our guests share valuable insights from experienced cloud adopters.

They discuss:

  • The evolving reasons behind cloud adoption 
  • The game-changing role of skills
  • Secrets of creating a Cloud Center of Excellence 
  • Mastering security without boundaries
  • What they'd do differently with a cloud time machine

Whether you're new to the cloud or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with essential knowledge to supercharge your cloud journey. Tune in now!

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