Nordcloud and Partner to Streamline Application Delivery and Enhance Security for Customers

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14 April 2023

Nordcloud, an IBM company, today announced a partnership with, the leading cloud-native application networking company, to enable customers to streamline their application delivery processes, increase efficiency and scalability, and enhance data and application security through the use of’s Gloo Platform.

Gloo Platform integrates API gateway, API management, Kubernetes Ingress, Istio service mesh and cloud-native networking technologies into a unified, multi-cloud application networking platform. 

This partnership will bring significant value to Nordcloud customers by reducing their operational overheads, speeding up delivery processes, and optimising efficiency and scalability. Because it facilitates zero trust networking in DevSecOps practices, Gloo Platform also helps minimise risks due to human error and bolster security posture.

“Through our partnership with, we can help our customers deliver cloud-based applications more efficiently,” said Ilja Summala, CTO of Nordcloud. “Gloo Platform enhances the app dev experience while delivering broader innovation and security benefits. This is the latest example of cloud-native leaders collaborating to bring the best tech and capabilities to customers.”

“We're thrilled to partner with Nordcloud to bring the benefits of our platform to their customers,” said Idit Levine, founder and CEO of “Nordcloud has a strong reputation for delivering innovative cloud-native solutions, and we're excited to work with them.”’s Gloo Platform delivers the following benefits to Nordcloud customers: 

  • Enables a zero trust security model for API and microservice application deployments and allows users to cryptographically authenticate every API call, every user, every partner and every application
  • Facilitates secure and scalable cloud networking and simplifies the process of managing and troubleshooting microservice applications and APIs
  • Enables DevOps agility through automation and GitOps, making it easier for operations teams to deploy, scale and secure. The service mesh and API platforms are built for the cloud and leverage Infrastructure-as-Code and GitOps best practices

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About Nordcloud

Nordcloud, an IBM company, is a European leader in cloud consulting, implementation, application development, managed services and training. Nordcloud is a recognised cloud pioneer with a proven track record of helping organisations leverage public clouds in a way that balances quick wins, immediate savings, and lasting value. Nordcloud is triple certified for Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services – and is a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. Nordcloud has 10 European locations, more than 1,800 employees and has implemented over 1,000 successful cloud projects. 

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