Vertical solutions on AWS.

We help you develop solutions and use cloud to hone a competitive advantage – whether it’s launching new services, reducing time to market or opening doors to new customers.

AWS is at the cutting edge when it comes to vertical solutions. We help you make the most of them. .

We combine cloud-native and industry expertise across automotive, aviation, financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, public sector, services and technology. 

And there’s more. Not only do you benefit from our experience in your industry, but you also get value from our cross-industry experience. From GenAI and blockchain to containers and IoT, you get agile partner who keeps pace with your unique business and IT needs.

  • Discover the ‘art of the possible’ with AWS platforms and services
  • Leverage learnings from your peers and enterprises with similar challenges in other sectors
  • Get vital knowledge transfer to your internal teams as you deploy and scale

Here’s a taste of the verticals we support. Contact us to discuss how we can boost your cloud journey – from migration and managed services to data, application development and training.


Foundations for autonomous driving. Scalable data capabilities. Control over cloud costs…Buckle your seatbelt, and enjoy the cloud journey with Nordcloud. We have a proven track record leveraging our 100% cloud-native heritage and expertise to power solutions across the automotive supply chain, supporting the likes of BMW, Vitesco Technologies, and Volkswagen on their AWS journeys.

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Don’t be grounded in the data centre, fly to the cloud with Nordcloud. There’s no question that the industry has taken a beating – we went from the pandemic to war to headline-grabbing scheduling and staffing issues. But there’s also a great deal of optimism. We help you channel that optimism into tangible opportunities.

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Financial services.

If you’re a financial services business, you’re now a digital business, too. We help you work proactively to exceed customer expectations and drive growth. This means making the most of AWS to manage compliance alongside growing data and computing needs, deliver more value to customers while mitigating risk, and maximise cloud-enabled agility in a highly-regulated environment.

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We help you transform outdated systems to deliver connected and collaborative cloud solutions for patients and clinicians. With our support, healthcare organisations are leveraging AWS Cloud to increase operational efficiencies, reduce costs, power new services and adopt tools and processes to protect healthcare systems.

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Manufacturing and industrial.

With a cloud-native approach, you can go beyond endless ‘Strategy 2.0’ projects – and become an innovation engine that boosts productivity while offering customers added value. We help you make the most of AWS to build smart products and services, embed sustainability and GreenOps, and access more useful business intelligence.

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Siloed POS systems, inventory management solutions and e-commerce platforms hinder real-time visibility into sales transactions, stock levels and customer interactions. From Boomi to Fortinet, we help you connect critical in-store applications to AWS Cloud. The result helps you streamline operations, fulfilment and inventory management – and enhance omnichannel experiences.

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Public sector.

We help you implement government cloud-first strategies to boost efficiency and deliver new citizen experiences at scale. With our cloud-native support, you can upskill teams, maximise the cost savings and value potential of AWS, and enhance security and data protection.

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We help you make the most of AWS to boost agility, save money and extract value from data. We work as an extension of your team, driving best practices and transferring knowledge. Whether you’re looking to migrate, gain business intelligence or deliver new digital services – we help you use AWS to develop a competitive edge.

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Technology & ISVs

Technology and ISVs.

Move on-premises solutions to SaaS – and benefit from efficient, affordable digital transformation. We support your transition to cloud so you capitalise on the scalability and flexibility AWS offers. We also help you design and build digital services that are easily scalable, leverage automation, ensure security and deliver value from data.

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Cloud Cloud
T-Mobile Poland
Nordcloud’s agility exceeded expectations. They truly showed us how we can use public cloud to reduce time-to-market as we develop our digital portfolio.
Sebastian Szaraniec
Leader of Cloud Tribe
Vitesco Technologies
We were facing strict deadlines and shifting priorities. We needed an agile partner who could keep pace with our unique business and IT needs. We needed knowledge transfer to our internal teams as service adoption scaled. Nordcloud drove the build in the most collaborative way across our cloud and on-premises requirements.
Danilo Schmiedel
Head of Cloud and Data Centre Services
We’re now in a strong position to evolve our technology stack in line with our transformation plan. This upfront rearchitecting and replatforming have put us in a strong position, and now we’re free of the data centre, it’s even easier to modernise ongoing.
Tomi Pienimaki
We needed a cloud-native partner to help us get the best out of the cloud and deliver the benefits we were looking for. Nordcloud is that partner.
Markus Marksteiner
Head of Group Technology Solutions
Nordcloud pulled ahead of the project and showed us the capabilities of GenAI with AWS. During the development of the GenAI chatbot, we came across many more great ideas for applying GenAI, and Nordcloud and AWS helped by elaborating on the possibilities.
Dennis Bos
IT Operations Manager
Volkswagen Data:Lab
Customer support in onboarding is outstanding. It is a role model.
Hector Valverde
Solution Architect
Raiffeisen Bank International
Nordcloud was an essential partner in building RBI’s Data Lake platform, and without their experience, this journey would not have been possible.
Philipp Pfneisl
Delivery Lead
I think we are past the point now of fulfilling what we’d hoped for at the beginning. Everything now is a bonus on top of that. It’s beyond expectations – and that’s down to the collaboration and how everyone from AWS, W3Schools and Nordcloud have worked together.
Thomas Thorsell-Arntsen
NHS England
Cooperation, upskilling and best-practice sharing are built into the fabric of our partnership. As a result, the resources, frameworks, tools and guardrails are bringing coherence and structure to cloud journeys across the NHS.
Neil Gibbs
Cloud Engagement Service Lead
Major Dutch Retailer
The Nordcloud culture was the perfect match for our IT team. The cloud-native, get-things-done approach Nordcloud brings to the table is exactly what we needed.
Manager – Enterprise Architecture
Infrastructure and Platforms
Veolia Energia Polska
The cloud cost management tool has been a game-changer for our business. The support provided by Nordcloud was excellent. Their team goes above and beyond to ensure we have a seamless experience, helping us optimise costs and maximise efficiency in our usage. It’s great having this experienced, dedicated cloud partner in our corner to help guide us.
Alicja Rybczyńska
Nordcloud turned the project around faster than we expected. The quality of the work delivered – especially the automations – met with or exceeded our expectations.
Bert-Jan de Gier
Working with Nordcloud in this way has provided us with great insight on how to collaboratively work with technology partners. We were involved throughout the development iterations, and Nordcloud could challenge our existing ways of working and proactively deliver effective solutions.
Olivier Renard
Head of Software Architecture
Distribution Innovation
The Nordcloud team worked quickly and to the point, and were able to anticipate our needs incredibly well. They take their customers seriously in all aspects of their relationship and are eager to put specific experts on specific aspects of the job. This meant flexibility, speed and accuracy with each stage of delivery.
Terje Ramstad Johansen
Head of Cloud
We’re now delivering a microservice in weeks, where it used to take months.
Jens Greiner
Global Manager – Digital Solutions
We chose a flexible partner who understands our business needs. Nordcloud helped Veikkaus during the entire AWS infrastructure project, providing all the technical expertise and help we required.
Timo Paajanen
Vice President – ICT Service Operations and Infrastructure
We would recommend working with Nordcloud to any organisation who needs help with the cloud. The team was easy to engage with, and we were really happy with their depth of knowledge and competence with AWS. They took the time to understand our business objectives and were able to match them with bespoke technical solutions.
Tom Peach-Geraghty
Head of IT Operations
I have been very pleased with the relationship we have developed with Nordcloud and impressed by their technical understanding of the platform, as well as how they have integrated with our team. This is hopefully the beginning of a long relationship where we fully exploit the opportunities presented by AWS.
Garry Lengthorn
Director of IT Services
I would highly recommend working with Nordcloud. They have a deep knowledge of AWS Cloud and a professional approach to working with customers.
Nick Goss
Senior Vice President of Service Delivery
Sanoma Games
The combination of the AWS product portfolio and Nordcloud’s talented, customer-focused expert team – developing services directly in the cloud – provides Sanoma Games with the scalability and durability to successfully serve millions of gamers around the world.
Olof Hoverfält
Head of the Sanoma Games business unit
We wanted to engage teams across the business and get them excited about this transition to new ways of working and best practices. The partnership forged with Nordcloud has been so valuable in this, with their flexibility, knowledge and support. I’ve not experienced any other provider that delivers such a pleasant onboarding experience.
Director of Software Engineering
@ Global Biotechnology Company
Since the launch, Nordcloud has been able to keep up with a rapidly changing environment, extend the solution to new areas and improve the architecture. At the same time, operations have been just like we want them – barely visible.
Timo Harjunen
Director – Digital Platform Development

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