Transforming into a SaaS business with Microsoft.

How can you leverage the leading capabilities of Azure and Nordcloud to transform your move to SaaS?
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Transforming to SaaS.

Nordcloud enables ISVs to successfully transform their offering into SaaS by leveraging the leading capabilities of Microsoft Azure. This includes a proven 4 phase approach from building the Azure foundation all the way to running and optimising the SaaS solution.


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Swiss ISV Azure Experts.

Swiss ISVs – Transform on-premises solutions to SaaS – and benefit from efficient, affordable digital transformation.

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Why Nordcloud?


Nordcloud has deep knowledge in helping businesses adopt Azure for their SaaS platform, enabling you deliver a highly effective SaaS model.

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Highest accreditations

As an Azure Expert MSP Nordcloud is perfectly positioned to accelerate and optimise your journey to SaaS.

Speed to value

Nordcloud has a proven track record in this space, helping companies move to a successful SaaS model, delivering value to customers quickly and efficiently.

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