Short story of getting to Managed Cloud!

In Poland, we have built a team of Managed Cloud Engineers and they simply rock when it comes to multi-cloud clients’ support. Currently, the hottest stuff there is Kubernetes. Read the new #NordcloudianStory shared with us by Jędrzej Piszcz, from Polish office.


How did your adventure with Nordcloud start?

I was looking for a place to develop my professional skills in the first place but I also wanted to get more flexibility and challenges in my workplace. When I found out about Nordcloud I was very excited – but then during an interview, I realized that my skills weren’t a perfect fit for the position I applied for, but fortunately we found a new position that matched perfectly.

That’s nice because I actually was proposed to apply to another role and I really appreciate this approach to new candidates. I felt that someone cared about me even before I became a part of the team.

Do you remember your first impression after coming to the office/starting work?

A bit overwhelmed, yea!😅 People were talking a lot about public cloud-related stuff that I wasn’t aware of. In fact, this was also a reason why I managed to learn a lot in a short period and shortly after that joined the talks.

What are your role and core competencies?

I am Managed Cloud Engineer. I work with multiple public cloud environments, which were designed by our Architects. My daily work is making changes to these, ensuring their security, reliability and performance. Currently, I am focused on AWS and Kubernetes.

What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

Support from world-class professionals and a variety of tasks. There’s no single person that knows every technology and framework, but when you have a network of specialists in your team, the results are more than only the sum of individuals

What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

To really appreciate practical technical knowledge (not to disregard theory, of course!) coming from many delivered projects.

What’s your favourite thing with public cloud?

That you can quickly start any project with existing templates and managed services (I develop some on my own as a hobby in spare time and I probably wouldn’t decide to use some technologies if I had to maintain all the infrastructure) and later on you can scale it any way you want.

What do you do outside work?

Read and write SF novels, play online strategy/4X games, play squash and travel (whenever I can).

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