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1. AWS CDK – a Glimpse into The Future

Since the announcement of the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) in August 2018, we were excited about using it in production-ready environments. Since it’s still in developer preview, we shouldn’t really use it for business-critical applications, but we can play with it on our own playground. Then, a great opportunity appeared—we had to build a roadmapper tool for internal use. We’ve used CDK to create few buckets, CDN and Cognito – and we’ve liked it a lot! We encourage everyone to play and get familiar with it. It might be a great way to manage your cloud infrastructure in the future.

 AWS Cloud Development Kit might be a great way to manage your cloud infrastructure in the future.

2. Use Curl Seamlessly to Call AWS API Gateway with AWS Cognito based authorizer

We use AWS serverless services a lot: almost all of our backends use Lambda and API Gateway.  Last year we decided to switch all of our API authorizers to Cognito based ones, and soon realized that there is a gap that we need to fill in . How do you easily sign calls to API Gateway made from CLI? Inspired by Amplify, we’ve decided to create a CLI tool that takes care of signing in against Cognito User Pool, persists tokens, and takes care of token rotation behind the scenes. We <3 Open Source, so we’ve decided to share the tool with the community. You can download it using npm. The source code and documentation are available in our github.

We ❤️Open Source, so we’ve decided to share the tool with the community.


3. Create beautiful PDFs with Golang and AWS Lambda

A huge part of our codebase is written in Golang. In this article, we’ve described how we’ve used HTML templates to create PDF reports.  Templates are mostly used for generating HTML documents that can be served by an HTTP server, but we’ve used them to feed our PDF printer Lambda.

We at the Nordcloud internal software development team like to share the knowledge with other developers. At the beginning of 2019, we started providing insights about our tech stack on our Medium publication. To stay on top of the latest of Nordcloud Engineering, follow us on Medium!


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