Greetings from sales at Nordcloud Netherlands!


Life at Nordcloud

This week we got to dig deeper into the role of Sales Enterprise Manager at Nordcloud and interviewed Rogier from Amsterdam.


Here’s his Nordcloudian story!


  • Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

I’m from a small city close to Amsterdam called Weesp and have lived my 32 years old life here ( – 1 year when I lived in Spain/Argentina during my studies!).

After my studies I started at Canon as a Junior Account Manager and worked my way up to a more senior role at Pci/Canon. During that period I was working with Bart Bijman, who is now the Country Manager of Nordcloud Netherlands.

Bart was working at Nordcloud and I left Canon for a green oil & energy company called Argent Energy and we kept in touch. In the beginning of 2019 Bart called me about Nordcloud once again, and told me about an Enterprise Sales Manager role in the Netherlands. We discussed the unique business and the possibilities and I got hooked immediately!


  • What is your role and core competence?

My role is Enterprise Sales Manager and everything I do is new business, so I bring new customers in.

I cooperate with cloud talent, partners and channels, set up meetings/organise workshops and onboard new customers with the full focus on Enterprises & Independent software vendors.


  • What are your most used USP’s since working in Sales at Nordcloud?

It’s important to first listen & be approachable – it’s always about the customer and their infrastructure/products/services/apps.

After the customer tells me why they are unique (find the dots), I explain the history of Nordcloud and where we are good at (everything).

The most important thing after the meeting is that the customer have the feeling that “yes Nordcloud can bring my company further”!


  • What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

On a personal “human” level I like the fact that we are an international company, working closely together with different nationalities. Also, discussions at Friday drinks are just also always fun!!

On a company & customer level I like the fact that it’s never the same – solutions and situations are always different & unique. You get to develop yourself and meet and cooperate with so many different people!


  • How would you describe our culture?

Open & helpful.

With any questions everyone is willing to help and work as a team.

#wintogether #growtogether – just like our values!


  • What are your greetings/advice for someone who might be considering a job at Nordcloud?

If you want to work for an international & unique company with a lot of diverse opportunities and new/unique projects, you should defo have a discussion with us!


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    Nordcloud Opens an Office in the Heart of Copenhagen



    Nordcloud has officially opened up its new office in Copenhagen to support growth across Europe. The shared office, located in Christianshavn (right in the ‘cafe culture’ heart of the city) is perfect for recruiting the best tech talent Denmark can offer.

    Anders Sabra, who has previously held positions at both Microsoft and IBM, is taking the lead in growing the Danish office says,

    “With 10 existing customers in Denmark previously being managed from Nordcloud in Malmö, we have seen a need to be even closer to our Danish customers. We are delighted to have a presence locally now and to be able to help our customers with their growth.”

    Today, Nordcloud was announced as the 5th fastest growing company in Finland (1561%) by Deloitte, and in Denmark, we’re sure we’ll also see significant growth in the next 12 months. I’m very happy to have been given the opportunity to lead the growth in Denmark with our multi-cloud migration, managed services and application development”.
    As the office grows throughout next year, Nordcloud hopes to ramp up recruitment in this region, looking for both technical and sales positions.
    If you would like to get in contact with Anders and our Copenhagen office, please contact us here.

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      Nordcloud’s Fast! Makes Finland’s Top 5 Fastest Growing Tech Companies (Again)!



      Nordcloud comes fifth in Deloitte’s 2017 Technology Fast 50TM

      Helsinki, December 1st, 2017. Nordcloud, the Nordic’s market-leading public cloud provider has been named one of Finland’s fastest growing technology companies by global consultants Deloitte.

      Nordcloud was placed at #5 in a list that ranks the fastest growing technology companies in Finland based on revenue growth, having established itself as the fastest growing public-cloud managed-service provider in Europe.

      The company has set ambitious targets for the years leading up to 2020. Nordcloud is aiming to quadruple its size with annual revenue to reach over €200m. It expects to almost double its staff in the next year alone, by recruiting more than 150 people to maintain its high levels of customer service, R&D, and international expansion.

      “Having topped the Finnish Fast 50 in 2016, this year’s results confirm that we’re continuing to grow incredibly strongly as we mature as a business,” says Nordcloud CTO Ilja Summala. “The company was launched in 2011 with a clear vision, inspired by the potential we saw for cloud services to give businesses the flexibility and speed they need to innovate, transform the way they do business, and develop their services.”

      “We’ve achieved this result with the help of outstanding partners and customers”, says Summala. “Together we’ve been rolling out our vision of transformed corporate IT using hyperscale cloud and software, with the greater agility and efficiency that brings”.

      Nordcloud is focussed on building a full-stack cloud-native system integrator with the aim of being the top Europe-wide choice and one that also addresses specifically European concerns such as compliance with EU regulations, as well as having a local presence on the ground in every territory where it has customers.


      About Nordcloud

      Founded in 2011, Nordcloud is a European leader in public cloud infrastructure solutions and cloud-native application services. Since 2012 it has completed more than 300 successful deployments that have helped its enterprise customers reap the full benefits of the cloud, including better security, agility, scalability and reduced costs.

      Nordcloud is forecast to turnover €50M in 2017 and employs 250 people at offices in Helsinki, Stockholm, Oslo, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Poznań and Malmö.


      The Deloitte Technology Fast 50

      The Deloitte Technology Fast 50 programme lists the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Finland based on revenue growth over the previous four years. The Finnish Fast 50 is part of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 EMEA and Global Technology 100 programmes and includes all areas of technology: from Internet to biotechnology; from medical and scientific to computers and both public and private companies.

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        Nordcloud strengthens its leadership team

        Fernando Herrera



        Renewed leadership aimed at accelerating Nordcloud’s mission of helping European enterprises transform their IT operations to the cloud.

        Nordcloud has appointed Jan Kritz as CEO as of 1 January 2018.

        Jan has significant experience in leading multi-million euro businesses and implementing large IT deliveries on a global scale. These skills are vital to Nordcloud, its partners and its customers as the company enters its next phase of growth.

        Jan joins Nordcloud from Capgemini, where he has served in senior positions with business and delivery responsibility since 2014. He has also held leading roles at Atos, Siemens and Nokia.

        “I’m excited to join the European cloud pioneer Nordcloud and work together with our world-class cloud experts and global partners to deploy cloud technologies that generate maximum value for our customers – without them having to consider the constraints of a legacy integrator,” says Kritz.

        Nordcloud has seen more than 70% year-on-year growth for the past consecutive five years – making it one of the fastest growing companies in Europe (Deloitte EMEA 500 in 2016). Nordcloud currently operates in eight countries with circa 250 people representing more than 30 nationalities.

        “We believe the cloud is transformational for our customers and we wanted to strengthen our leadership as we scale across Europe. We are very happy to have Jan join the team to take us into this next phase of growth,” says Nordcloud chairman of the board Fernando Herrera.

        Nordcloud continues to build upon its strong public cloud expertise and will keep investing in growing the capabilities of its teams and services to the benefit of its customers. The company remains fully committed to the public cloud as the best solution for its customers’ business needs and will continue to work in close collaboration with the global cloud leaders AWS, Microsoft and Google.

        Nordcloud would like to thank outgoing CEO Esa Kinnunen for his strong leadership over the first part of the company’s journey. Esa is now moving into a role on the Nordcloud board where the company can continue to benefit from his expertise.

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          Nordcloud – The fastest growing tech company; vision, timing and courage



          To begin with, a big, big thank you to all our employees and customers. It wouldn’t have been possible to reach the top of Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 listing had it not been for the dedicated professionals and customers who were brave enough to take the leap to new technology with us.

          When we started Nordcloud, we were just a bunch of guys with a vision that public cloud is going to be a strong trend for transforming IT infrastructure business globally. At that time in late 2011 there were no companies in Europe that were helping enterprises to utilise public cloud infrastructure services, so we decided to found one. Actually, after five years there still isn’t much focused competition in this field.

          In less than five years, we have grown over 3,000 percent, employ over 100 people in seven countries, and look to expand even further. We’ve helped over 200 enterprises to get the maximum business benefits and harness the power of the cloud, and we’ve no intention to stop here. In fact, we’re more determined than ever to become the number one in our field in Europe.

          Only about five percent of enterprises utilise cloud infrastructure to some extent. The Cloud market is worth hundreds of billions of euros in Europe alone, and we plan to take our unfair share of it. There’s still a lot of room to grow.

          But what has made Nordcloud such a success? The way I see it, it boils down to these three things:

          1) Vision. Nordcloud had a clear sense of what could and should be done from the beginning.

          We are now doing exactly the things we envisioned five years ago. This shows the strength of our original vision.

          We set our aim high and decided to go international from the beginning. We saw that Finland was too small market to be truly successful in our kind of business.

          2) Timing. We established Nordcloud just at the right time; besides not having much of a competition, we had pioneer clients who understood the benefits public cloud had to offer.

          We got off to a great start and have been able to grow our business without much external investment. We were able to build our company according to our own vision.

          3) Courage. This is the most important part. Without the courage to execute on the vision, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

          When we started, the cloud business was still very new. We were learning all the time while working together with our clients. When we saw what worked, we were able to replicate the solutions over different industries and across borders.

          We are still in the very early stages of the cloud revolution and digitalization is growing at an unprecedented pace. We want Nordcloud to be the best partner for enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

          And we will be up to this challenge. All it takes is a clear vision, a good sense of timing, and a dash of courage.

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