Nordcloud is the first Nordic Authorized GCP Training Partner



Nordcloud is the first Nordic company to achieve the status of Authorized Google Cloud Platform Training Partner. This makes Nordcloud an authorized training partner with all three hyperscale providers (AWS, Azure and GCP).

Google Cloud is a vital addition to Nordcloud’s training offering. ”Authorized trainings are a fundamental part of the cloud journey in any company. Availability of Google Cloud trainings will significantly lower any barriers to start working with Google Cloud. As the pioneer in training new cloud skills around Europe, we are excited to be able to answer to the rapidly growing demand in the market”, says Jan Kritz, CEO of Nordcloud. “Tailored cloud trainings and agile change management upskill customers’ existing staff and also accelerate further the digital transformation significantly, as customers may source key positions by themselves”.

Authorized trainings are a fundamental part of the cloud journey in any company.

Jan Kritz, CEO, Nordcloud

IDC* predicts that lack of IT skills alone, cloud-related in particular, will cost European companies in $91 billion in lost revenue annually.

“Companies really need to understand what public cloud is all about to gain full benefits. Research shows that trained organizations are multiple times faster to adopt cloud, and four times more likely to meet ROI requirements”, says Johan Wangel, Trainings Sales Manager of Nordcloud.  “As a cloud native company we know what it takes to succeed in public cloud. Our trainers have delivered over 300 courses since 2013 with an excellent participant satisfaction and are looking forward to continuing on this path”, Wangel rejoices.

*IDC Infobrief sponsored by Nordcloud (2019): Hyperscale Cloud Platforms As An Accelerator For Digital: The Role Of Transformational Partners.

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    Employee training is essential for an organisation’s success



    Talent shortage is a top emerging risk facing organisations

    According to a 2017 report by Global Knowledge, a massive 68% of IT decision makers faced a present skills shortage in their teams. 

    Gartner research 2018 indicated that companies need to shift from external hiring strategies towards training their current workforces. Statistics clearly show the importance and benefits of employee development: a more competitive workforce, increased employee retention, and higher employee engagement.

    “Organizations face huge challenges from the pace of business change, accelerating privacy regulations and the digitalization of their industries,” said Matt Shinkman, managing vice president and risk practice leader at Gartner. 

    The use of cloud has been growing rapidly in the last 4-8 years. Compliance, automation, improved security, infrastructure as code, better DevOps practices, and developing cloud-native applications, are just some common reasons corporations want to move to the cloud. 

    Adopting a new cloud environment involves extensive change, from skills to processes to technology. With the growing technology changes, it is hard for companies to keep up, and even harder for the average employees.  


    Skills development: hard and soft skills

    Skills development is a process where we turn from a beginner to a junior, and ultimately a senior. Skills development comes down to two key factors: identifying the skills gaps and developing those skills.

    When developing skills, it is commonly broken down into hard and soft skills:

    • Hard skills are specific to a task and tend to be knowledge-based. Having skills in programming, software, or even another language is classified as a hard skill.
    • Soft skills are what we as humans have been learning from our first breath. Personality, leadership, time and stress management, decision making, ability to deal with adversity, and most of all networking.

    Hard skills are commonly looked at. It is great to have a smart co-worker, but it doesn’t help the corporation if the employee is not willing to share information or can’t handle stress. Therefore it is best to help employees build both skills.


    Bridge the skills gap with cloud training

    According to a recent study, 2017 U.S. training expenditures increased 32.5 percent to $90.6 billion. We at Nordcloud have also seen a drastic increase in our cloud training business. During the last year we saw a 66% increase in participation numbers.

    As an example, last year we arranged 101 AWS courses with an excellent (4,50/5 average in) participant satisfaction.

    “Excellent course, materials and instructor! Gave good overview of AWS. There were also some interesting questions asked, the answer were good and the instructor seems very educated surrounding the topic. All in all, a good training!”
    “The pace was very high which was great for me. I really enjoyed the presentation and the trainer was very knowledgeable. I learned a lot about the basic AWS technologies and all the technical questions were well answered. Great instructor, any question and the answer comes out like from a machine gun. Very much knowledge of the topic in her.”

    As a cloud native Nordcloud knows the public cloud well, and we understand what it takes to succeed there. We provide cloud training for both individuals and companies.


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      Nordcloud recognised as Google Cloud Premier Partner and Managed Services Provider



      Nordcloud is extremely proud to be nominated Google Cloud Premier Partner and Managed Services Provider (MSP).

      Nordcloud is the first Finnish company ever to achieve Premier Partner status and also the first non-GSuite Premier Partner in the Nordic countries.

      Google Cloud Premier Partner

      Google Cloud MSP program

      In 2017 Google launched the Managed Services Provider program and since then, the ecosystem of Google Cloud MSPs has continued to expand to 12 partners globally.

      Today, Nordcloud is joining this very elite group of few partners globally to provide hands-on support to the ongoing operation of customer workloads and offer proactive services to both large and small cloud adopters.

      With our dedicated Google Cloud experts, our projects range from cloud strategy to migration and execution, to post-planning and ongoing optimization. Nordcloud has a staff of 40 Google Cloud Professional Certified Cloud Architects and Data Engineers.

      Our Google Cloud customers can improve IT operations, accelerate innovation and get solutions to market faster

      “We are honored to be Google Cloud Premier Partner and one of the very few Google Cloud MSP’s worldwide. This is a key milestone on our journey to become the leading Google Cloud partner in Europe”, says Jan Kritz, CEO at Nordcloud.

      Nordcloud offers 24/7 Managed Services for a customer’s cloud environments and manages Google Cloud operations so that the customer has more time to add value to their business operations. With the proven Google Cloud MSP status customers are rest assured that they can trust their Google Cloud environments are well-managed by Nordcloud’s highly skilled experts.

      Nordcloud’s Managed Cloud is your full-stack life-cycling managed services solution providing flexible service bundles to fit your IT needs.

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