Migrations to MS Azure – Best Practices shared in Poland



June was quite an intensive month with MS Azure in our minds and hearts

Together with Microsoft and our colleagues – Marcin Smelkowski, Sławomir Stanek and Piotr Rogala – we successfully delivered the Azure Migration Roadshow. It consisted of five meetings across Poland where we met ambitious and open-minded people who want to benefit from cloud transformation. The roadshow visited Szczecin, Wrocław, Katowice, Gdańsk and Łodź. Many thanks for all participants for your curiosity!

Lots of tough, tricky questions and round table discussions with coffee cups in hands

Our workshops were aimed to inform and spread knowledge of building an IT environment based on the public cloud. With our experience, we shared challenges that should be considered when planning the strategy for Data Center services, in particular:

  • When should you consider the migration?
  • What are the opportunities and risks associated with the migration?
  • When is the migration profitable?
  • What are the conclusions of analysis, considering the profitability of migration to Azure for Poland?

Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing technologies today. It is challenging the traditional ways of operating enterprise IT, applications and business processes. This is creating a market discontinuity, where the price of non-innovation can be significant as well as high costs associated with data driven companies. 

How to be competitive in the digital transformation market?

We often find several mistakes with the planning and implementation of IT environments using the public cloud. Often, companies carry the same assumptions and follow the same patterns that they are familiar with in their local environments. This results in increased costs as well as a reduction in potential profit.

The public cloud creates an opportunity to improve IT capabilities. To support organizations with the provision of high-quality services and an improved, simplified operational model.

The IDC research commissioned by Nordcloud 2019 shows that global spending on digital transformation will exceed more than $ 1.2 trillion by the end of 2019. At the same time, the pace of creating new business solutions and applications is growing. By the end of 2023, 500 million new applications will be created, which is equal to the number of applications built in the last 40 years.

If you want to read about IDC survey findings check out below:

Check the IDC study here

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    Nordcloud Endorses the Quantum Software Manifesto



    Quantum Computing is the science and engineering that harnesses quantum mechanical effects to build computers and applications that can outperform all of current and even foreseeable classical computers in certain tasks.


    The Quantum Software Manifesto calls increased attention for

    • quantum software research,
    • an integrated approach to quantum hardware and software research and development,
    • collaboration between industry and academia to identify real-world problems that can benefit from small, imperfect quantum computers and demonstrate quantum computing applications, and
    • educating more quantum programmers.

    Nordcloud fully endorses the efforts to start the software revolution for quantum computing. As an organization that has built education as a strategic cornerstone, we are delighted to see the call for more quantum programmers and are providing opportunities for our own experts to learn these skills.

    Nordcloud has a tradition in being the service provider for the most advanced technologies in computing and applications especially in the cloud. Our role as a service provider is to build expertise that ultimately realizes the value of technological innovations, and in the process creates vast numbers of highly skilled professionals. The first actions in upskilling our software development experts for the quantum world have already been taken and in line with the idea of the manifesto, we are committed in continuing these efforts.


    Our hyperscale partners are investing massively into quantum computing

    Our hyperscale partners Amazon, Google and Microsoft have for years put their faith in Nordcloud to bring their innovations into industrial use. Now as Google and Microsoft are investing massively into quantum computing, we want to be sure to be ready to bring this power to the market as well.

    Since current and upcoming quantum computers are rare, expensive pieces of genius hardware, they are uniquely suited to be accessed only through the cloud. In addition to the mentioned hyperscalers, this can already be seen in the go-to-market model and services offered by IBM, Rigetti and D-Wave.

    “While the market for quantum application development is still small, we feel that to continue at the forefront of the most important technologies, we want to be a forerunner with quantum computing. This will enable us to best serve our clients in the upcoming revolution and also provide exciting learning paths for our experts.”, Topias Uotila, VP

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      Nordcloud ist führender „Accelerator“ für „Managed Public Cloud“ in Deutschland!



      Public Cloud is der Key Enabler für die digitale Transformation, doch die meisten Unternehmen brauchen externe Expertise, um sie bei den strukturellen Veränderungen zu unterstützen. Nordcloud wurde im aktuellen Anbietervergleich „Vendor Universe 2018“ im Bereich „Managed Public Cloud Provider“ vom unabhängigen IT-Forschungs- und Beratungsunternehmen Crisp Research zum „Accelerator“ ausgezeichnet. 

      Um die neue Nordcloud-Studie über Nutzung der Public Cloud im deutschen Mittelstand zu lesen,

      Klicken Sie bitte hier

      Crisp untersuchte Research fünf für Deutschland relevante Cloud-Märkte und die darin tätigen Dienstleister, um Entscheidern in Unternehmen eine Leitlinie zu geben und die größten Handlungsfelder innerhalb der Branche zu analysieren. Zusammen mit 16 weiteren Anbietern wurde Nordcloud in der Marktrubrik „Managed Public Cloud Provider“ getestet. Die Bewertungskriterien wurden dabei in die zwei Hauptkategorien „Service / Product Value Creation“ und „Vendor Performance“ unterteilt.

      nordcloud vendor universe

      Wir sind stolz, dass sich Nordcloud bereits kurz nach dem deutschen Markteintritt zu einem der führenden Managed Public Cloud Services entwickelt hat.

      Uli Baur, Country Manager, Nordcloud DACH


      Das Ergebnis bestätigt Nordclouds Vorreiterposition innerhalb der Cloud Computing-Branche: In der Kategorie „Service / Product Value Creation“ erzielte das finnische Unternehmen den Höchstwert von 85 Prozent (Durchschnittswert: 62 Prozent), für die „Vendor Performance“ erhielt es insgesamt 81 Prozent (Durchschnittswert: 58 Prozent).

      Besonders in den Bereichen „Service Portfolio“, „Integration“ und „Customer Experience“ konnte Nordcloud überzeugen.

      Carlo Velten, Senior Analyst und CEO von Crisp Research gratuliert: „Nordcloud befindet sich derzeit auf der Überholspur der Managed Public Cloud Services und führt das Feld erfolgreich an. Unsere unabhängige Analyse hat gezeigt, dass Nordclouds End-to-End-Multi-Cloud-Service den Kunden ein marktführendes, umfangreiches Partnernetzwerk sowie tiefreichende Technologie-Expertise in den Bereichen IT-Infrastruktur, DevOps und neue Technologie-Paradigmen bietet.“

      Nordcloud befindet sich derzeit auf der Überholspur der Managed Public Cloud Services und führt das Feld erfolgreich an. 

      Carlo Velten, CEO, Crisp Research

      Uli Baur, Country Manager Nordcloud DACH pflichtet dem bei: „Wir sind stolz, dass sich Nordcloud bereits kurz nach dem deutschen Markteintritt zu einem der führenden Managed Public Cloud Services entwickelt hat. Cloud Computing hat durch die voranschreitende digitale Transformation branchenübergreifend an Relevanz gewonnen, doch nur wenige Unternehmen verfügen über das nötige Fachpersonal und Know-how, um die strukturellen Veränderungen alleine zu meistern. Dienstleister wie Nordcloud unterstützen Unternehmen dabei, ihre Geschäftsprozesse zu beschleunigen und mithilfe von Cloud-Lösungen in Zukunft wettbewerbsfähig zu bleiben.“


      Public Cloud ist der Key Enabler für Innovation

      Nordcloud und Crisp Research haben in einer aktuellen Studie die Strategien und das Mindset zu Public Clouds im deutschen Mittelstand untersucht und die Ansprüche an Managed Public Cloud Provider analysiert. Deutsche Unternehmen legen einen immer stärkeren Fokus auf die Public Cloud und sind dabei auf die externe Expertise von IT-Service- und Consulting-Anbieter angewiesen.

      Managed Public Cloud Provider als gefragte Experten

      Da sowohl die Transformation in die Public Cloud als auch der Betrieb dieser Systeme zum Teil hochkomplex sind, greift die große Mehrheit der befragten Unternehmen (79 Prozent) auf die Unterstützung externer Dienstleister zurück. 52 Prozent gaben an mit einem, 19 Prozent mit zwei Managed Public Cloud Providern zusammenzuarbeiten. Die externe Expertise wird dabei nahezu in allen Teilbereichen beansprucht, von der Cloud-Strategie (64 Prozent), dem Monitoring und Management (54 Prozent) über die Entwicklung der API-Strategie (51 Prozent) bis hin zur Entwicklung von DevOps-Betriebskonzepten (51 Prozent). Managed Public Cloud Providern wird somit eine hohe strategische Relevanz zuteil.

      Um die neue Studie von Nordcloud in voller Länge zu lesen,

      Klicken Sie bitte hier

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        Nordcloud named the leading ‘accelerator’ in the cloud computing industry



        Vendor Universe 2018 in the area of Managed Public Cloud Provider

        Nordcloud, one of Europe’s leading providers of public cloud infrastructure solutions, has been named a leading ‘accelerator’ by independent IT research and consulting firm Crisp Research in the current vendor comparison ‘Vendor Universe 2018’ in the area of ‘Managed Public Cloud Provider’.

        In this comprehensive study, Crisp Research examined five cloud markets relevant for Germany and the service providers active in them in order to provide decision-makers in companies with guidelines and to analyse the largest fields of action within the industry. Together with 16 other providers, Nordcloud was tested in the market category ‘Managed Public Cloud Provider‘. The evaluation criteria were divided into the two main categories: ‘Service / Product Value Creation’ and ‘Vendor Performance’.

        The result confirms Nordcloud’s pioneering position within the cloud computing industry

        In the category ‘Service / Product Value Creation’ the Finnish company achieved the highest value of 85 percent (average value: 62 percent), for ‘Vendor Performance’ it received a total of 81 percent (average value: 58 percent). Nordcloud was particularly convincing in the areas of ‘Service Portfolio’, ‘Integration’ and ‘Customer Experience’.

        nordcloud vendor universe

        Nordcloud has developed into one of the leading Managed Public Cloud Services in the German market

        Carlo Velten, Senior Analyst and CEO of Crisp Research congratulates: ‘Nordcloud is currently in the fast lane of Managed Public Cloud Services and successfully leads the field. Our independent analysis has shown that Nordcloud’s end-to-end multi-cloud service offers customers a market-leading, extensive partner network and deep technology expertise in the areas of IT infrastructure, DevOps and new technology paradigms’.

        Ulrich Baur, Country Manager of Nordcloud Germany agrees: ‘We are proud that shortly after entering the German market, Nordcloud has developed into one of the leading Managed Public Cloud Services Providers. Cloud computing has gained in relevance across industries as a result of the advancing digital transformation, but only a few companies have the specialist staff and know-how to master the structural changes alone. Service providers like Nordcloud are helping companies accelerate their business processes and stay competitive in the future with cloud solutions.’

        If you’d like to find out more about the study, contact us here.

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          Market leaders always push the envelope



          In this blog post, I will be picking up on what my colleague Sandip discussed in his latest blog post, ‘Innovating by Making a Difference’. Based on that, I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about how Nordcloud Germany have managed to stay on top of the industry for the last year or two. It’s been about focussing on the right things at the right time. For example, we haven’t worked in the Private Cloud space, and we haven’t been involved in the SaaS world of productivity, collaboration or CRM. We have stayed focussed purely on leading Public Cloud platforms; AWS, Azure & Google to deliver full-stack consultancy and services.

          At Nordcloud, we’re able to keep our customers – not just ourselves – on top of the game, by understanding everything we can, identifying the most valuable for our customers and then adopting the latest services of each of the providers. These are, for example, services around containers, (Kubernetes for instance), and serverless (Lambda), and also the Internet of Things and Machine Learning. Our work with companies of all industries and sizes is the foundation of being able to filter the different technologies for what matters the most. In this sense, our customers are those who teach us how to help them best and we can then pick the best technologies to do just that.

          We were recently screened by the leading Cloud market analyst in Germany against how we deliver state of the art managed Cloud services. Check out CRISP’s perspective here (in German). 

          We’re proud to be recognised as a leading provider in the Cloud consulting and service industry, who stands out amongst a vast number of peers in the market. If there is one thing we have realised throughout the years – both as a company and as individuals – it’s that you shouldn’t stop innovating and questioning. To stay on top, it’s not enough to just do the basics well. You have to keep going forward and step beyond your comfort zone at all times. At the same time, you shouldn’t be running after each new hype, but picking your game wisely and then building up expertise and concepts around that area.

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            How to support cloud and digital transformation? Build an agile company



            The cloud is designed to be agile. Its versatile platform allows your business to respond quickly to changes in the market and embrace digital transformation. But for cloud to work effectively you need more than just the right technology – you need the right culture.

            ‘To support this rapid, iterative optimisation of our business the internal organisations that staff, fund, manage, and reward our people need to exhibit that same level of agility,’ writes Jeff Gothelf in the Harvard Business Review.

            Here are three ways you can build an agile company culture that supports the cloud, so you can get the most out of your digital transformation.

            1. Share a common vision

            Digital transformation is like rowing a boat; if one person is rowing in the opposite direction, it makes hard work for everyone else. Likewise, you won’t be able to push forward with the cloud if you’re faced with resistance from a few uncommitted employees. To ensure everyone is on the same page, you need a shared vision that they can believe in.

            ‘This common vision,’ according to PwC, ‘enables businesses to develop flexible organisational designs, adaptive management techniques, and efficient operations.’

            2. Abolish the hierarchy

            Not entirely, of course, but loosening the reins to give employees more decision-making power will drive your business forward. The agile methodology is founded upon making small but important decisions quickly so you can make progress.

            While the decision may not always be the right one, because the changes are smaller it’s easier to backtrack than if you wait months for a decision to come through several layers of management.

            3. Make it a business goal

            ‘Future innovations are not limited to technology and product development,’ says Yang Yuanqing, Chairman of Lenovo Group, ‘but more importantly, they are driven by the business model.’

            For the cloud and digital transformation to be adopted across the entire business, it must become ingrained in all your processes, not just one small silo. Someone has to be the champion that drives this integration forward and ensures that the agile methodology becomes a core part of your business operations.

            Process first, technology second

            ‘If you are building a service-oriented architecture, you can do it just from an IT perspective, and that’s an interesting exercise,’ says George Glass, chief architect at BT Design. ‘But if you do it as part of a business transformation, and you start becoming an agile enterprise, you can really start to leverage the benefit.’

            Traditional approaches have held big businesses back, allowing their competition to jump ahead. Infrastructure in the cloud enables teams to achieve transformation with agility, allowing for business innovation and, ultimately, growth.

            Embracing the cloud and digital transformation has the potential to push you far ahead of the competition, but it all starts with an agile culture.

            If you’d like to learn more about creating an agile company culture, contact us here

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