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Life at Nordcloud

Jonah joined Nordcloud around half a year ago – now he shares his thoughts and wisdom, for example about the freedom we offer, but also the responsibilities that come with it!

He explains how we don’t have strict rules or a lot of people giving us directions, so it means that everyone needs to be able to work independently, with that freedom.


It’s all about common trust!

1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

I’m from the Netherlands, born in Amsterdam.

I was looking for the next, bigger challenge and was contacted by Anna (Talent Acquisition Specialist of Nordcloud) in Linkedin and we started talking. I felt that as a professional who is always looking to develop, Nordcloud was the right size for me to do that and in about 3,5 months I started at Nordcloud.

2. What is your role and core competence?

I’m a Cloud Architect, infra as code and automation as my core competences.


3. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

Interesting projects and a lot of freedom to do things that I find useful and meaningful.

By simply being interested and showing it, I’m getting the chance to contribute to areas that I personally feel like we should develop.

4. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

Organising things in a distributed, flat company and navigating through the whole web of people

in different countries to get things done.

5. What sets you in fire/ what’s your favourite thing with public cloud?

There are a lot of tools that are available with public cloud with very little effort, but sometimes there are gaps in different functionalities (for example between AWS and GCP).

Filling those gaps by engineering we can achieve very large things with very little effort.

6. What do you do outside work?

Spend time with family and cooking. I also enjoy making tangible things, like building furniture or fixing things.

7. Best Nordcloudian memory?

Conferences are always fun and there’s interesting talks and meetings but one that professionally stands out is when we did a well architected review for a client in Stockholm.

They had a really interesting and innovative product and the client here was like a kid in a candy shop!

He really understood the potential what we could do for them and we got to do cool things!


8. How would you describe our culture?

We get recognised for contribution; that’s very clear and open.

There is a high degree of trust in our engineering skills.

We are a very diverse group of different nationalities!

Nordcloud NL is also a very tight group and we have casual work place banter in my opinion more than in the other countries.

We do work remotely a lot but when we are together we go for lunches and have a good time.

There is no power distance and we are very flat organisation so I can make fun of my manager and vice versa and it’s all fun!


Would you fit in a team with freedom and lots of changes to influence? Well Jonah is looking for more colleagues, so do get in touch! Click here for open vacancies in the Netherlands

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    Administrating Cloud Databases


    Life at Nordcloud

    Time for a new Nordcloudian story from our Polish cloud database administration!

    1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

    I’m working at Nordcloud as a Cloud Database Administrator. From early childhood, I’ve been fascinated by the analysis of information and solving puzzles (of course at an appropriate age level 😊). This is why I came across computer science in primary school by enrolling in a Computer Club at the Youth Cultural Center. There, I learned to program in such languages ​​as LOGO or PASCAL on ZX-Spectrum or Amstad Schneider.

    Later on, I also worked on Commodore C64 and IBM PC 386 (I developed my university projects on the latter, which was a big challenge and good training of writing efficient applications). After years of working as a DBA with various systems and database engines, I wanted to gain even more knowledge and started to look for more possibilities. I heard about Nordcloud from my colleague who convinced me that I would be able to carry out my tech aspiration in cloud native company like Nordcloud. It was hard to believe, but now I know it’s true. Apart from daily tasks I enjoy the atmosphere of work. The general enthusiasm of the cloud here very often reminds me of the fascination with the technology that I had in the Computer Club (the form of breaks is similar :D).

    What’s more, I’m just a Polish woman who is fascinated by the diversity of other cultures and think that every culture is a beautiful part of the entire history of the world, which is good to know and understand.

    2.What is your core competence?

    Relational Databases and data analysis.
    First I was working as a DB2/zOS Database Engineer and also used my knowledge on such environments as DB2/AS400, DB2 LUW (Linux,Unix,Windows). The next step in my experience was gathering an Oracle/Linux, Oracle/Windows Database and SQL Server Database. The icing on the cake is using and expanding my experience in the multi-cloud environment. It’s really awesome!

    3.What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

    Here I can develop my skills in many areas of database engineering. Being able to work with databases in public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP is a unique opportunity to gather experience in such broad areas. Here I can work with people who have the same passion in what they do.

    The possibility of remote work makes it easier to fulfil professional and family duties.

    Nordcloud is a company that brings together exceptional specialists in various fields of computer science.

    4.What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

    Cloud is the future in the rapidly changing world of IT, which is worth of attention. By working in the cloud, the boundaries between teams, such as the system administrator, database administrator, network administrator or developer are blurred, but skills in all these areas are still very desirable.

    5.What sets you on fire/What’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud ?

    Everything. The solution is very complex and amazing.

    6.What do you do outside work?

    After work I’m involved in advanced optimisation of structural household processes implemented as a part of individual projects at my home.
    I support ventures in board games and lessons on percussion. 
    In a nutshell, I have two fantastic sons 😊

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      #NordcloudianStories: “Constant new improvements”


      Life at Nordcloud

      Cloud Architect

      1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?

      I started in Storvreta, lived in Göteborg and studied in Luleå. There I started a company doing internet radio and moved to Malmö. Company unfortunately went bankrupt after six successful years, but it was one of the best learning points for my career and I got interested in cloud and AWS there. I then worked in government sector but wanted to get into a more fast paced company, so joined a start up in Denmark and worked in-house on premise to cloud implementations and automation from where I then moved again to a satellite communication company. Nordcloud then found me at the right time as I was ready for a change and it’s now been 3 years!

      2.What is your role and core competence? 

      Cloud architect, mostly enablement. I have also worked with implementations and automation. I advise companies how to best work with the cloud.

      3. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?

      Mostly flexibility and variety of projects. We are not a big consultancy, but are one of the best working with all of the top cloud providers. I get to learn a lot and I am constantly expected to be expert. As the organisation has a flat structure you have the chance to get engaged more and you have a voice and can influence the business decisions.

      4. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?

      Communication is key both internally and externally and also to never stop learning!

      5. What sets you on fire/ What’s your favourite thing technically with public cloud?

      Constant new improvements. You blink and there are 10 new different things.

      6. What do you do outside work? 

      I have a lovely dog and partner and my current big passion are board games !

      7. Best Nordcloudian memory?

      Most recent one where we all planned our new office in Malmö, everyone was so engaged and involved and we got to have own voice in the decision making.

      Thanks for sharing Hamin and thanks for reading!


      If you feel like you could be a good fit to the team, please have a look at our open vacancies here

      Nordcloud Careers

      Swedish team is also looking for more Nordcloudians!

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        Pinja’s day at Talent Acceleration


        Life at Nordcloud

        Hi everybody!

        You are warmly welcomed to follow my day in our Talent Acceleration team! 

        Who am I and what do I actually do, besides talking a lot while waving my hands and hanging out in Linkedin? And what is talent acceleration actually? Those are the things I hope to answer with this short story.


        First of all I’m going to tell you a bit more about myself. You may call me Pinja, one of the Talent Acquisition Ninjas of Nordcloud. I joined the company in June 2018 and jumped on a fast-forward moving train of a rapidly growing tech company with huge potential to untap. This ride has been an absolute pleasure so far and suddenly I’ve found myself in the most interesting, new and exciting situations. Our growth has been impressive, and there is still a lot to do. For a recruiter and HR person like myself, this is a very challenging but especially rewarding situation to be in. As our company’s motto states, ‘we power up our customers’ business with an unlimited source of energy: our people”. This is people business to its core. For me, the feeling of getting things done and seeing some of my recruits walking around at the office with a Nordcloud hoodie on is the best possible reward.

        My background

        My own background is very far from tech savvy, but I claim to know something about people. I’ve always been intrigued by all things humane and therefore studying social psychology was a perfect match for me. Recruiting was a quite natural career path to take after that, as working with people is my greatest source of motivation. Matching great talent with new opportunities, seeing people step up their game when given the right chance and seeing the sparkle in their eyes while doing so is what makes me happy. The years working with tech recruitments have also created the little engineer in me and suddenly I see myself doing bits of coding stuff, fighting with Excel and reading about all things technical – you really are the company you keep!

        My regular day looks like..

        Well, honestly there isn’t a regular day! I do a lot of basic recruitments stuff, such as interviews, hunt and gather CVs and send out technical assignments, job offers and take care of our new joiners. I work closely with our managers and try to solve their business needs from a resource point of view. Our talent acceleration works hard to solve the need for people in a field where there are not enough cloud-skilled people existing. We have created our own solution for this and are training our own pros.

        Currently I am recruiting people for Poland and Germany, where we are offering a permanent employment and a full-time six weeks of training in Microsoft Azure to start with. This is a big project, where everything has to be orchestrated carefully, so I’ve been spending recently a lot of time networking with the right people, planning, researching and just testing things that could work out. This is ramping up growth and creating market entry at the same time, in addition to the normal recruitment activities.

        What is Nordcloud talent acceleration?

        The basic philosophy of this ‘talent acceleration as a strategy’ is to accelerate the skills and productivity level of new hires and existing staff too. Basically this makes it possible for you to hire into specific roles at an “underfill” level and rapidly accelerate new hires to full performance. Shortly put, it is critical for talent acquisition to create talent strategies that meet future challenges now, not next year. Job market, especially in tech, is in constant flux and shifting so fast that normal recruitment processes and traditional talent acquisition can’t catch up.

        PS. You can find me at Linkedin, feel free to connect there!

        Check our open positions here

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          #NordcloudianStories: “Legends and union of cloud architects”

          As a company that is rapidly growing, there are a lot of different people and new starters almost every week and as all 300+ of us are working in different cities, countries and in remote locations, communication is a massive key for success. It’s also about getting to know each and every one. We have pretty solid systems for communicating internally and people are always welcoming new joiners warmly as well as helping each other to get up and running and integrated as efficiently and smoothly as possible.

          One of the first tips I got, in the beginning, was “get to know the people”.

          Nordcloudians are helpful and willing to go the extra mile. By knowing our people, we build even more transparent and successful business.

          I had a chat with one of our Cloud ArchitectsPeter G. Marczis, who was happy to tell about his story.

          1. Where are you from and how did you end up at Nordcloud?
          I am Hungarian with a background in electrical engineering, programming, software development and dev ops (for example at Nokia and Rovio). I have lived also in Finland and when Nordcloud opened an office in Denmark, I wanted to get back in the company!

          2. What is your role and core competence?
          Cloud Architect. I have software development background and many years with Linux. I now work mostly with AWS.

          3. What do you like most about working at Nordcloud?
          Flexibility and investment on our people. We have the opportunity to work remotely as well as have social and customer facing role. Our environment is never settling and always changing, so there are always new challenges. We have a very good training program – I am encouraged to take any courses and learn new things every day.

          4. What is the most useful thing you have learned at Nordcloud?
          To speak with both IT&Business people and being able to fill the gaps between, as you really need these social skills.

          5. What’s your favourite thing with public cloud?
          Nowadays it’s so easy to start new things from scratch, for example, apps from anywhere. You can learn new things quickly and anybody can start a huge journey and make a big difference without big investments.

          6. What do you do outside work?
          I have 2 small kids whom I spend most of my free time with. I also like to repair my car, I am also dj’ing, and I am learning to play piano.

          7. Best Nordcloudian memory?
          We have a lot of fun! Our amazing staff is open and friendly and we have a great team spirit. I really feel part of the family, and we are more than a company, more like “legends and union of cloud architects”. We share the same mindset and I really like our tech&beer events. Our management is always pushing us to learn the newest technology, tools and processes. Everything moves quickly, not a single day is the same, there are no limitations and communication is easy.

          Sounds pretty awesome! If you feel like you could be a good fit to the team, please have a look at our open vacancies here: Nordcloud Careers

          Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more #NordcloudianStories


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            Captain’s Log @ Nordcloud Talent Acceleration

            Ahoy there! I have just returned from week 1 of Nordcloud’s Talent Acceleration programme in Helsinki, 6-week AWS training course aimed at seasoned IT professionals to turn them into cloud experts with a mixture of classroom lectures, practical labs and real-world scenarios.

            Upon accepting Nordcloud’s offer, I knew I’d be joining with other new starters from around Europe in Helsinki for week 1, but where would we be sleeping? A hotel? A shared apartment?


            The accommodation details came through on email along with the rest of the joining members, a two-bedroom houseboat for the 5 Nordcloud students. It certainly looked cosy from the picture. I’ll say that I was a little apprehensive about sharing close quarters with people I’ve never met before. We coordinated our visit between ourselves over email and mobile messaging groups, arranging to meet up depending when our flights arrived in Helsinki.


            It turned out that I was one of the first to arrive, and I had been liaising with the boat owner to arrange picking up keys (or perhaps “on-boarding” is a better term here). I was greeted by a tall Russian with a big grey beard, a ship’s captain if ever I’ve seen one! He proceeded to give me a thorough tour of the boat’s quarters during which I placed my belongings in the prime sleeping spot. He then told me he would show me how to fill the water tank as over a week, it would run out. He placed a large hi-vis vest on me and said “you’re the captain now, Captain Terry…” He then said “follow me” and grabbed a hose from the side of the harbour, put it between his teeth and climbed down the side of the boat on a small ledge no bigger than 5cm. The weather was kind in Helsinki, however, I wasn’t too keen on falling and taking a swim in the harbour water. I told him I had a great view from where I was, and he proceeded to hold onto the boat with one hand and placing the hose into the tank, just above the water line. He said that if we had any problems with filling up the tank then we should call him… I was pretty sure we’d be calling him.

            UCN Terry

            Life on the open sea was good to us for the week, with the activities planned plus eating out together each evening, we didn’t spend too much time on the boat apart from sleeping. It was certainly a good way to get to know my fellow Nordcloud candidates. When we ran out of water midway through the week, I took captain’s responsibility to go and fill the tank and did so without incident. With the long list of things I learnt during the start of the Nordcloud Talent Acceleration course, boat maintenance was a surprise addition to the list!

            I have just booked my flights for week 5 meet-up in Helsinki, I await the accommodation email with interest…

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              Meet our first graduates from Nordcloud Talent Acceleration

              At Nordcloud Talent Acceleration, we provids a fast-track learning program enabling people to become a cloud expert in just 6 weeks.

              Our first Cloud Engineer track kicked off in June 2018 and will soon be followed by two more Cloud Engineer tracks starting 27.8.2018 and 1.10.2018, and a Cloud Developer track starting 27.8.2018.

              You can apply and find more information on these coming programs here.

              University of cloud

              Let’s talk a bit with the first graduates about their experiences on the training program

              We asked the graduates:

              1. Why did you apply for this program?
              2. How does this differ as a training program, what is unique about Nordcloud Talent Acceleration?
              3. What happens after the program?
              4. Would you recommend this to your network and why?


              Harri Lakkala

              1. For me this program meant a return to a more technical role. I have a background in IT across many roles, as a software developer, as a sysadmin, and my last role was working as a consultant. But I was interested the future and being on the cutting edge and learning about cloud services – Nordcloud Talent Acceleration program offered all this and a possibility to get real work experience in actual customer projects.
              2. I think it is courageous and awesome that Nordcloud created this training program as I have not seen a similar program anywhere in Finland or even Europe.
              3. From what I’ve understood, there is a real shortage of cloud professionals, especially of seasoned Cloud Architects at the moment. This program aims to tackle that problem both for Nordcloud and the trainees – it’s a real win-win.
              4. What makes this unique is that you are a salaried employee from day 1 (including the training period), unlike in trainings supported by TE-keskus or others, and we get extensive AWS trainings with excellent trainers.

              Read more on Harri experiences in Harri´s blog post ‘Taking the fast-track to become a cloud expert’


              Chigozie Nwogu

              1. I am an I.T professional based in Stockholm Sweden, having worked previously within the area of Telecommunications and IP networks. I applied because of my interest in working with public cloud technologies, the opportunity to get trained by industry leaders in this area, and the career growth opportunities Nordcloud Talent Acceleration offers.
              2. The quality of training has been great. What I especially find unique is that Nordcloud provides several non classroom based activities such as talks from management and sales teams, sessions with experienced cloud architects, and team bonding activities. This gives a well rounded educational experience.
              3. After the training, my ambition is to be assigned to projects and become cloud ninjas within the shortest amount of time! 🙂
              4. Yes, most definitely, I would recommend this program. Why? because this is a unique and great opportunity to actualise your ambition of becoming a cloud expert.


              Daniel Ssekasiko

              1. I applied for Nordcloud Talent Acceleration because I wanted to acquire skills and experience  within the public cloud, I have worked with traditional IT-infrastructure mixed with software development along with projects in Electrical engineering/Telecommunications. With that basis, this program suited me perfectly. I have always had a lot of interest working with virtual environments and therefore Cloud Computing. When Nordcloud Talent Acceleration surfaced, I gladly took up the opportunity and applied.
              2. Nordcloud Talent Acceleration is a special program compared to other training programs because of its carefully tailored fast track plan that only takes 6 weeks coupled with theory and labs to impact the participant with top notch skills within the cloud. The program exceeded my expectations because I didn’t think that this kind of training could provide me with these sorts of skills in such a short time period.
              3. After the training, I’ll go into the Cloud industry to work with Nordcloud.
              4. I would gladly recommend this, because it’s fast track plan that runs for just six weeks. Participants will receive well crafted theory with relevant on point labs equipping them with the right skills within the shortest possible time.


              Ilkka Kaartinen

              1. I moved to London little over a year ago and started looking for a new job. Previously I worked as CIO of Eira hospital in Helsinki, Finland. Through various contacts I ended up in the training to get more experience in cloud.
              2. This training program is really intensive and gets through in just few weeks modules that normally take up to half a year. I find the program very interesting and well made.
              3. After the training I am continuing working with a client I have worked with throughout the program.
              4. Yes, I would recommend this program, especially for experienced IT professionals. This is not a trainee program and it is suitable for anyone who wants to find new direction in their career. It’s also very interesting to see what different backgrounds the Padawans have as well!


              Philip Ejenarhome

              1. I have always been interested in cloud and wanted to gain knowledge and competence in that field.  Once the opportunity to train and become a cloud guru in 6 weeks became possible through this program,  I did not have to think twice, I just followed my passion.
              2. The approach to the training gives you a rich mix of theory and implementation and you get to put the theory to practice at once. You get the opportunity to participate in workshops with senior colleagues and the opportunity to innovate during the program. You’re also getting hands on experience with real life customer problems.
              3. After this training I will continue working with customer cases.
              4. I would recommend this, one million procent 🙂


              Petri Laakso

              1. I have a background in traditional IT, but friends recommended cloud technology to me. They said it is the future and a good career move!
              2. We have had time to get to know new theories and systems without any pressure and I can safely say the fast-track training program has been a positive experience. There is also time to catch up and get familiar with things. We have been given the tools for studying and learning, for example: AWS-accounts to actually test and try things yourself without having to cover the account costs oneself.
              3. I will be working with a customer after this training, which means I am employed already.
              4. I have recommended this program already to my network, especially to those who have the potential and interest in cloud.

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                Taking the fast-track to become a Cloud Expert


                Life at Nordcloud

                Can you transform IT professionals into cloud experts in just 6 weeks?

                – Well, I’d say Yes and No, but let me elaborate on that answer a bit. 🙂

                I’m one of the participants in Nordcloud’s first Talent Acceleration program, which kicked off in the beginning of June. Nordcloud helps its’ customers to utilize the public cloud, but currently there’s a real shortage of cloud professionals, especially of seasoned Cloud Architects. Nordcloud Talent Acceleration is a fast-track program – lasting just 6 weeks – for training cloud experts from seasoned IT professionals to help Nordcloud mitigate talent demand.

                After the training period ends in middle of August we’ll graduate to become Cloud Engineer, and start working in real customer projects, with the support of more senior staff members in the beginning. Getting real work experience in actual customer projects is a valuable thing, and one you can’t get with just taking cloud courses.


                From software developer to cloud expert

                For myself, the program is a return to a more technical role. At the start of my career I worked couple of years as a software developer and later on part as a sysadmin, but my last role has been working as a consultant – in theory mostly helping customers with collaboration tools and B2B marketing, but in practice selling my expertise in a very wide range of topics related to digitalisation. I’ve done everything from doing studies and compiling reports to delivering trainings and public speeches but also some technical work as well.

                All of us in the #1 program have several years of work experience in the traditional IT fields; most seem to come from a networking or a sysadmin background, but some have also programming experience. We will be going through several AWS courses (architecting, systems operations and DevOps), which comprise of both classroom training and labs, but we’re also working in small teams on a couple of case studies, i.e. architecting, implementing and automating an environment modeled after a real customer case (so called ”Lift & Shift” case).


                Digging deeper into cloud platforms

                I’ve been following the developments in the cloud field, but never had a change to dig deeper into any of the cloud platforms, while working as a consultant on the application layer things. Getting familiar with Amazon Web Services has been very interesting, and I’ve been amazed about the possibilities virtual servers in the public cloud, containers and serverless offers. We have currently learnt both how to build modern server architectures in AWS by ourselves, and also started to learn how to automate infra creation as well. The thought that one can just store a complex server infrastructure in a version control system, and easily deploy that to any other region is mind-boggling – to say the least.

                Nordcloud has also done quite a lot of IoT and AI / Machine Learning projects – which I wasn’t aware of before joining – and offers advisory services as well. As I’m always interested in new technologies and have consulting experience, I might lean into that direction in the future; let’s see.

                So getting back to the original question – yes, I think we will be ready to work as Cloud Engineers after the program, but I’m sure there will still be a lot to learn and working with our experienced Cloud Architects will definitely help us get productive in a fast manner.

                I’ll try to find the time to write another blog post or two about my experience later on, so stay tuned!

                Harri Lakkala, Nordcloud Talent Acceleration Cloud Trainee


                BTW. If you are an IT professional working on the ”old stuff”, check out the Nordcloud Talent Acceleration websiteNordcloud has at least 2 more infra tracks coming up in August and there’s also a new Cloud Developer track. You are a salaried employee from day 1 (including the training period) and get pretty extensive AWS trainings, so becoming a cloud expert has never been easier!


                Harri Lakkala is one of the Nordcloud Talent Acceleration track #1 participants and a seasoned IT/Digitalisation Expert. This blog post has been cross-posted from Harri’s LinkedIn blog.


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                  Nordcloud: Just another IT company with great benefits, projects and people?


                  Life at Nordcloud

                  Great benefits, even greater projects, and the best possible team – in many ways Nordcloud might seem like any of the cool IT companies at the moment. We met Full Stack Developer Leo-Matti Lehtonen and asked what really makes Nordcloud a special workplace.

                  Projects from utilizing the public cloud to machine learning and AI

                  Full Stack Developer Leo-Matti Lehtonen has worked at Nordcloud for a year and a half. When asked what kind of projects there are, he answers with a laughter:

                  Pretty much everything. For a Full Stack Developer, there really are all kinds of different projects with different tech and also different lengths, depending on your preference. For example, there are currently projects related to IoT. In these projects, my colleagues are using a huge number of different sensors, collecting data from them and finally pushing the data to the cloud. They will utilize the public cloud on the backend and also build a nice UI to display the data.”

                  “Machine learning and AI are also growing fast. We can offer projects related to them as well,” he adds.

                  Working with the latest technologies

                  Leo’s current project is for a big client. It has been interesting since they have been able to influence in choosing the best and most suitable technologies for the project.

                  “Frontend side is built using React and Redux. On the backend we have Node and GraphQL as well,” he notes.

                  Lately, Leo has been excited about GraphQL which he has been using a lot. He predicts that it will be one of the next big things in the tech world, rapidly growing in popularity.

                  “GraphQL is still a quite new thing and I think that it is the direction where APIs are going in the future. I have spent quite a lot of time learning about it during my free time as well.”

                  Zero competition inside the company

                  One of the best things at Nordcloud for Leo has been the fact that the company really gives its employees all the needed resources and is focused on developing the people.

                  “We can use two weeks of our working time in a year to learn new things that interest us. If you want to learn something new, Nordcloud will always provide you with the resources to do it.”

                  For example, Leo intends to learn about the Google Cloud platform and is going to complete the certification after web training.

                  “People here are very eager to help. Internally there is zero competition – everyone just wants to see others grow and get better,” Leo praises.

                  An active community without any red tape

                  “Relations between people are natural and there is no strict hierarchy here. We are one united group of people,” Leo discloses.

                  People at Nordcloud do a lot of things together in their free time as well. The day before the interview they had seen a new Star Wars movie and the next morning Leo had promised to join the floorball team – though he mentions that he hasn’t played floorball in 15 years.

                  If you want to do something with your co-workers, you can just set up a club and get started with it.”

                  Nordcloud is actively hosting different meetups and organizing workshops. “There are always some events going on. You can do a variety of different interesting things in this community,” Leo says.

                  Just another company with nice benefits, projects and people?

                  If you are still thinking of what differs Nordcloud from many other consultative companies with nice benefits, offices, projects, and people, Leo has the answer:

                  If you are interested in the latest cloud technologies, which I think you should, we definitely have the best knowledge related to that in Finland. At Nordcloud it is all about the cloud – all the different aspects, like application development, design and infra, have been built around it.”

                  See all our positions and find out what fits you the best or just drop us a line!

                  Done in co-operation with Duunitori, writer Meri-Tuuli Talsi/Duunitori.

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