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Swiss ISVs – How can you leverage the leading capabilities of AWS and Nordcloud to transform your move to SaaS?

Let’s maximise your potential with AWS.

As a software provider, you face specific challenges with your technical estate that are unique to you.

It’s constantly changing, growing and evolving. You need a future-proof estate that can sustain and enable constant growth in your product line, features, volumes and data.

So, how do you set up to capitalise on digital trends and build valuable services for customers? That’s where we can help with AWS. 

Our ISV clients are so successful because we take a holistic, step-by-step approach to cloud migration, modernisation and managed services. Let’s show you how this looks.

Get started with AWS quickly.

We’ll help you get up and running fast with AWS with minimal downtime. And we’ll ensure you have the right strategy and ways of working to drive long-term success.

We’ll get you started with our easy 3-step migration process.

Then once migrated, get the full value of AWS with a modernisation approach – thinking of cloud as a continuous process of iteration and discovery.

We can look after your infra to deliver cost effectiveness, agility and scalability. So your team focuses on development, not tickets.

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How we help.

Our expertise as cloud natives allows us to help you strategically develop innovative solutions, from HR web apps to digital subscription services. By focusing on the right operating model and providing comprehensive support, we enable you to modernise your infrastructure and maximise the value of the cloud quickly and sustainably.

Drive recurring revenue with digital services.

As cloud natives, we help you build your SaaS portfolio in a strategic way, opening up new opportunities for recurring revenue. Our clients have gone to market quickly with HR web apps, self-service e-commerce capabilities, digital subscription services and more.

Importantly, we work alongside you to ensure everything is designed and built to be easily scalable, leverage automation, ensure security and deliver value from data. That way, you’re in a strong position to evolve products and services in line with your ambitions.

Cloud implementation.

Cloud success is rooted in the right operating model, which is where clients find we add particular value.

True transformation.

With the right support, you can modernise and get maximum value from cloud, quickly and sustainably.

A common tech company mistake is to use legacy ways of working in the cloud. The perception is that you get to market quicker, and can then proceed with further modernisation.

Yes, we ensure you’re up and running fast with minimal downtime. But we also ensure you have the right strategy and ways of working to drive long-term success.

Give your software superpowers.

Optimise costs

Continually evaluate and configure your cloud resources to realise cost efficiencies as you scale.

Increase speed

Use agile processes and repeatable foundations, boosting your development and speed to market.

Boost agility

Move faster with cloud – from building new services or features to expanding into new markets.

Ensure security

Proactively monitor infra and apps, so issues are captured and resolved with no effect on operations.


  • Delivering scale, resilience and stability to meet growth needs
  • High running and operating costs
  • Lack of agility caused by governance issues and lack of cloud knowledge
  • Long lead times of new features due to high complexity


  • Evaluation of processes to uncover resiliency and scalability improvements and decrease incident resolution time
  • Introduction of modern cloud optimised application architectures to boost performance while minimising costs
  • Tailored cloud skills training programmes to improve efficiency and stay current with fast-moving tech
  • Tooling, automation and DevOps to meet ISVs application needs in boosting release quality, velocity and agility

Why work with Nordcloud?

True cloud natives

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get better, faster results with cloud natives guiding your journey and helping you leverage the automation, flexibility and agility of cloud.

Empowered teams

We’re commercially focused, using tools and tech that help maximise the sustainability, cost savings and value potential of the cloud, so you get the support needed to capitalise on cloud benefits.

Swiss AWS ISV experts

Nordcloud Switzerland is the chosen partner as AWS Specialist for ISVs. We’re also AWS experts, helping maximise value from the platform.

Ready to get started with your cloud journey?

Jan Husak
Jan Husak
Delivery Executive