Ensure Business Continuity.

Reduce downtime, boost availability and protect valuable business assets.
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Better Service, Better Protection.

With high-level availability and cutting-edge security, public cloud is an effective way to ensure business continuity.

To maximise protection and minimise downtime, you need the right partner. That’s where Nordcloud comes in. Because you’re working with cloud natives, you get unique perspectives on cloud-specific considerations and opportunities. This means potential risks associated with your journey are pre-empted – and you have a firm foundation for scalable development.

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Why Nordcloud.

Fast results

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage. You get better, faster, more sustainable results because you have cloud natives helping you modernise legacy technologies and working practices.

Robust security

We use proprietary tools and technologies that help you maximise cloud value and security. From technology to training, we ensure you have the right protocols and protection for assets and data.

Reduce Risk

Reduced risk and cost

From planning and architecture to development, deployment, operation and management – we ensure strong governance, excellent execution, robust disaster recovery and maximum availability.

Minimise Downtime.

More availability means more value

Public cloud gives you a high level of availability you can’t achieve with legacy solutions. As cloud natives and DevOps pioneers, we’re known for delivering continuous improvements that further reduce downtime (and its financial impact). We help execute a seamless migration that gets you up and running quickly. When it comes to building, running and scaling, updates are rolled out in real time rather than on a per-machine or per-unit basis, so value is delivered efficiently.

Robust Security.

Protect assets and data – without reducing agility or speed to market

From monitoring and analysis through to compliance and managed security, we ensure you have robust protection as you scale. That way you reduce risk without reducing agility – and you can work proactively to maximise value from the cloud.

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Ilja’s passion and tech knowledge help customers transform how they manage infrastructure and develop apps in cloud.
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