For many organizations data has become highly valuable and business critical asset. Traditionally it has been the responsibility of the Database Administrators (DBA) to maintain the databases and the infrastructure to keep the data available to business.


Why use Cloud Database Administration as a Service?

  • Your data is highly valuable business asset and should be looked after by a multi data- and cloud platform team of professionals
  • Databases are a critical component in the cloud infrastructure in the world of data-centric applications, Nordcloud DBAs work to ensure that your data is always available.
  • Modern data estates are not just relational. More purpose built databases, e.g. graph, time-series and globally scaled non-relational databases, are used. To effectively administer all these, you need multi cloud- and data platform competent team
  • Full stack development inevitably leads to more databases being deployed into production, but developers aren’t necessarily skilled administrators
  • Hyperscalers like Amazon, Google and Microsoft have become leading providers of database platforms. You need to secure competences to perform migrations, not just to cloud but also cross-data platforms.

As businesses grow more dependent on the availability and correctness of their data and require deeper understanding of the data platform options on public cloud platforms, we at Nordcloud provide a Cloud Database Admistration Service to ensure just that.

With the introduction of the public cloud and cloud native technologies, we can clearly see a paradigm shift in the work and the responsibilities of the DBA. The focus is moving away from operating and managing on-premise platforms, towards supporting applications, managing vendors, costs and working on data management – supporting the business growth of the company.


DBA activities in the public cloud focus on ensuring that the data is always available to the business, maintaining database security, monitoring and tuning performance and helping with database architecture and application design as well as the capacity planning.


Cloud DBA helps companies to safeguard their critical business data

Cloud Database Administration (DBA) is mainly targeted for the customers who have, or are planning to have, data estate that can span to multiple public cloud and data platforms and don’t necessarily have the required competences or the manpower to manage them by themselves.

Cloud DBA provides a complete set of database management and administration services to supplement the Managed Cloud service offering to Nordcloud customers.

The core services areas of the Cloud DBA are:

  • Security Management
  • Database Management
  • Monitoring Service
  • Platform Management
  • Service Delivery Management

For businesses with an in-house database team, the addition of Cloud DBA significantly boosts internal cloud and database competencies whilst providing any necessary extra hands wherever and whenever they are needed. For organizations that don’t have their own database team Cloud DBA is a vital service, ensuring that the business is protected against unexpected service disruptions, with users able to access the data in timely and secure manner.


Nordcloud Cloud Database Services in a nutshell

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