Running in Cloud.

How businesses make it stronger, better, faster

23 March 2023
| 8:30 - 11:00

Microsoft, Espoo
This is an in-person event taking place at Microsoft office in Espoo, Finland

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Hit the ground running with a financially and operationally savvy route to the cloud

Migrating to the cloud can feel like running a marathon. There’s gold waiting at the finish line, but unfortunately sometimes also a few bumps in the road, painful mistakes, and long, tough times when you get tired and want to give up.

But cloud migrations don’t have to feel like this.

What if the race was shorter? What if you were fitter, faster and had the right support every step of the way? And what if you didn’t just win the race, but continued getting stronger and healthier into the future?

We’re helping businesses that are looking to get up and running in the cloud with a fast, affordable and secure approach to migration.

Find out how you can quickly benefit from the cost savings and business benefits, without tripping up along the way. Join speakers from Microsoft and Nordcloud who’ll discuss:


Getting a fast start

How having the right foundations in place can speed up migrations and put you on the fast track to success.

Taking the inside track

How leveraging cloud-native management, tooling and automation can boost operations, reduce financial risk and achieve cloud benefits more quickly.

Staying strong

Strengthening your cloud environment with secure, 24/7 cloud management and cost visibility to avoid slowing down or stumbling blocks.

Winning the race

What this approach looks like with a champion client success story.


Pasi Katajainen

CTO @ Nordcloud

Joni Leskinen

Cloud Solution Architect @ Microsoft

Matias Oksanen

Security Business Lead @ Nordcloud

Joakim Saari

Account CTO @ Nordcloud

Have your questions answered by our experts! Remember to submit your burning cloud questions when you register. Here’s a few we’ve already had:

“What kind of upfront costs are we looking at?”

“How long will a migration project take for migrating approx 300 VMs”

“You're offering managed migration, how is that different from regular migration?"

"What kind of support is available from hyperscalers to help us with migrations?"

"Are there any funding possibilities available?"

"What are the biggest changes, pros and cons when moving from on-prem data centre to cloud?"

Once you register, you’ll get exclusive access to our interactive running map between Nordcloud Helsinki HQ and Microsoft’s Espoo offices. From the ‘happy island’ of Lauttasaari, to famous beaches, bridges and the president’s house, it covers some of the local highlights with a cloud twist. Check out our video here for a sneak peak 👇