Migration legacy trap

RFPs Are Killing Businesses .

How to Pivot to Agile Sourcing

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Don’t let RFPs slow down your business.

RFPs are largely ineffective when you’re looking to procure services that may change over time, including transformation services.

Companies are moving away from RFPs towards Agile Sourcing.

Agile sourcing is an alternative approach to procuring products and services and revolves around a process that embraces fast testing, learning and re-iterating.

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Why are RFPs an outdated way to procure services? Because they:

  • Get you stuck in a long process that can take up to 12-18 months
  • Are focused on a fixed and static outcome
  • Remove all creativity and collaboration between you and the provider


Migration legacy trap

Agile Sourcing.

Agile Sourcing is a real catalyst to make the most of the benefits that Cloud offers

In fact, when you procure cloud through a static RFP process, it’s like putting a tiger in a cage: you risk stifling the technology and losing out on the opportunity to drive change in your business

With Agile Sourcing you will see improvements in:

Reduce Risk

Product + Partner + Method

Identify the right combination of product partner and method



Make a decision in as little as a 90-day cycle

Reduce risk


Trial, learn and re-iterate

Migrate to cloud

Creativity and Collaboration

Opportunity to co-shape the solution with a provider, increasing the likelihood of success

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