Cloud Core #1 – Azure & Gaming

Podcast • 1 min read

This is Episode #1 of the CLOUD Core podcast by Nordcloud! 

Today with the co-creator of the podcast and Nordcloud's Global Azure Community Tech Lead Szymon Stasiak.

Did you know that first video game was developed already in 1962? Can you believe it happened thanks to NASA? Spacewar! - Wikipedia

Or did you know that Microsoft was dumping their datacenter into the water to bring gaming to every person in the world and reduce the latency issues on cloud gaming? Read it here.

  • Find out why do I play games, why did push me to deep dive into IT world
  • What is the future for gaming?
  • What impact gaming has on young kids
  • What are Azure services for Gaming Industry that can help developers improve their time to market
  • Difference between gaming on cloud and building games on cloud

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