Cloud Core #15: Discussing the hyperscalers: What’s been, what’s happening and what’s next.

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Welcome to another episode of Cloud Core! This time, we’re diving into the fascinating world of hyperscalers with our very own Nordcloud experts: Quentin Baret (CTO, Google), Kosti Herranen (Azure Practice Lead), and Maarten Bruntink (CTO, AWS). Here’s a sneak peak of what you are going to learn from this episode:

How hyperscalers like Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure are transforming cloud adoption and what it means for your business. The unique strengths and key differentiators of each hyperscaler, straight from the experts. The latest industry trends and cutting-edge innovations driving the future of cloud computing.
Practical solutions for overcoming common cloud migration challenges.

Insights into the future of cloud computing and the rise of multi-cloud strategies. Tune in for a deep dive into the technologies shaping tomorrow and learn how to harness the power of hyperscalers for your business.

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