Cloud Core #14 Cloud Journey 2.0: Navigating common challenges and maximising value now you’re in the cloud.

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Welcome to our podcast episode where we delve into the realm of 'Cloud Journey 2.0' with seasoned experts Jan Eneström and Mikkel Sørensen. They cover a lot of ground here, and dip into some real-life scenarios and stories challenges that businesses are seeing right now. Here's what you can expect:

🗺️ What Cloud Journey 2.0 is and why it matters so much.

⚖️ How moving to the cloud can create both benefits and technical challenges for businesses.

😩 Common problems businesses face once they're up and running in the cloud.

😎 Tips for IT teams to better support the people using their products and services.

💨Simple ways to make cloud processes smoother and more efficient.

And find out where Gen AI fits into the journey, with automation and optimising operations.

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