Cloud Core #13 DC Exit Strategies: Planning, pitfalls and pro tips from the migration front lines.

Podcast • 45:45 runtime
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In this episode we delve into DC exit strategies, with Jan Husak and Piotr Karaś, to seasoned cloud pros who are overseeing client migration projects right now. Think you know everything about migrations? Think again. In this episode, we cover: Crucial planning aspects including the business case and future-proofing strategies.

🤖 Ways to integrate automation and its role in expediting migrations.

👀 What a flexible approach looks like and the dangers of adopting a rigid strategy.

🤷‍♀️ Not for you? Sound reasons why some may choose not to migrate.

🙅‍♂️ Avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls in migration processes.

✋ Stakeholders and who needs to be involved for a successful move.

Oh, and ever heard of a migration success party? Trust us, they are a thing, and the guys will tell you why.

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