Modernise Databases with Azure.

Drive lower TCO, improved security and development capabilities by replatforming or refactoring existing databases to managed Azure databases.

Level up database operations with Azure.

There’s no one-size fits-all approach to database migration. We help you find the best strategy based on your business objectives.

We guide you through the process, striking the right balance between speed and sustainable results. We start with assessment workshops that engage stakeholders to understand the business objectives and help picking the right modernisation strategy. Based on the defined objective, our cloud database specialists and application architects execute the modernisation of the database and if required, related applications. Our cloud native approach saves you time and money, while positioning you to make the most out of the cloud benefits.

Do these challenges sound familiar?

High database TCO

Sometimes the current databases are just not fit for operating on the cloud, leading to massive total costs.


Data is one of the most valuable assets of modern companies. Securing them against cyber threats is key to keeping the business operational and competitive.

Development needs

Needs for advanced analytics or other business needs put pressure for developing new capabilities on the data. Sometimes the existing database is just not right for the modern needs.

End-of-life database versions

Applications running on older versions of databases may be using database engines that are nearing the end of their lifecycle and need to be upgraded to versions that are supported by the vendors.

The Database Modernisation Journey.

Database Modernisation Journey

Our Solution.

Database virtual machine migration

Migration of databases to a newer version of the same database engine running on an Azure virtual machine to keep the database within support of the vendor.

Database replatforming to PaaS

Migration of database to a similar Azure managed database to enjoy the built-in security safeguards, minimize operating effort, simplify licensing and enable advanced development integrations provided by the tight integration with other Azure services.

Database refactoring to PaaS

Remove dependency from existing databases that are just not fit technically or commercially for the current business needs by refactoring to a managed Azure database such as Azure SQL. Enjoy the built-in security safeguards, minimize operating effort, simplify licensing and enable advanced development integrations provided by the tight integration with other Azure services.

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Why could this be so valuable to your business?


Remove license costs and support fees, minimise operating costs by shifting to managed databases provided on a pay-per-use basis.


Built in security safeguards and threat detection keep data secure from cyber attacks.

Enable development

Deep integration with other Azure services accelerate advanced data & AI and other development scenarios.

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If you want to find out exactly how we can quickly and effectively migrate a single application, please get in touch and we would be delighted to be your guide.

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How can you get started?

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On Demand Webinar: Modernise a Database in a Day

Get in touch for our on demand database modernisation in a day webinar to understand the database modernisation opportunities enabled by Azure.

2 Days Database Migration Assessment Workshop

Understand the current database setup and the business drivers for modernisation. Identify the optimal solution to migrate and modernise the database engine to a managed database and plan a roadmap for executing the initiative.

3 Days Application Modernisation Assessment Workshop

Dive deep into an application that needs to be modernised due to e.g. current costs or development needs. Define a target application and database architecture to meet the business objectives for the application and plan a roadmap for the modernisation initiative and changing the underlying database engine.

Get in touch.

Microsoft Azure facilitates easy, consistent and reliable cloud access, which lets you respond quickly to your business’s ebb and flow, saving you both time and money. Once you are able to use Azure to its full potential, it will be easier than ever before to manage production, testing and deployment of web applications that scale as quickly as your business.

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