Cloud Transformation.

As a European leader in cloud implementation, we help you modernise, build and scale in a way that maximises ongoing value.

Our mission is to empower businesses to harness the power of cloud.

And we do this by ensuring you have a firm foundation for delivering on your goals – over the short, medium and long term. You benefit from our deep understanding of business strategy and how your goals can be translated into a Cloud Strategy and its implementation.

We’ll ensure you’re best placed to leverage the full automation, scalability and agility the cloud offers, so you’re positioned to deliver transformative and full digital services to customers.

Setting you up for cloud success.

Nordcloud’s core cloud transformation services:

Nordcloud cloud services

Cloud Transformation Strategy.

Define directions and outcomes

Cloud Strategy is the basis for every successful cloud transformation. It gives direction to the whole organisation, explaining the “whats” and the “whys” and defining what success looks like for both business and IT outcomes.

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Nordcloud cloud services

Organisation (CCoE) Design.

Build the capabilities

Organisation design outlines how to set up the people, processes and technologies to form a coherent cloud organisation which will drive the anticipated benefits and outcomes.

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Nordcloud cloud services

Cloud Transformation Consulting.

Walk the talk

Cloud transformation consulting ensures a smooth end-to-end cloud transformation execution by implementing what has been designed, aligning stakeholders, measuring progress and managing change. It brings strategy to life while delivering tangible results.

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Cloud Transformation Strategy.

Get sustainable, faster results with cloud natives driving your strategy

A Strong Foundation For Scalability and Sustainable Value.

Nordcloud’s 100% cloud heritage means we’re known for developing Cloud strategies that deliver on business objectives.

Having a cloud strategy in place is pivotal in executing a successful cloud transformation and to be able to realise the full benefits of the cloud. It defines the high-level objectives of how to drive business value using cloud technologies – think agility, time to market, cost, innovation, data driven client interactions and more. It also sets up businesses to measure outcomes. 

A clear strategy provides organisations with a foundation for internal communication and stakeholder buy-in at all levels and outlines the steps to be taken. Think of cloud strategy as both your map and your compass to success.

Why Nordcloud for cloud strategy?

Faster time to market

We’re cloud pioneers with 100% cloud heritage. Our approach to strategy is rooted in helping you modernise your IT landscape and organisation, using agile processes and easily replicable foundations.

You see better, faster results with cloud natives guiding your journey.

More customer value

We’re commercially focused, so our strategies focus on using best-practice methods and technologies that help you maximise the cost savings and value potential of the cloud.

From vision to executable actions, from technology to training, from design to DevOps, you get the strategy needed to energise your teams and delight your customers.

Objective advice

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms – Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Because we’re platform neutral, you get impartial advice that accounts for your entire tech stack – and is based on your best interests.

Organisation (CCoE) Design.

Build the capabilities to drive cloud value

Make Your Business a Cloud Business.

Set up your organisation in the right way to drive real benefits and outcomes.

Organisation design outlines how to set up the people, processes and technologies to form a coherent cloud organisation which will drive the anticipated benefits and outcomes. Part of this is building out a Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE). This centralises cloud competencies to provide a shared service feeling, rather than having pockets of experience spread across the business.

Nordcloud Advisors can design your cloud organisation, embedding best practice and driving sustainable cloud adoption. We also empower your teams, nurturing them as we navigate the implementation journey. That way, your champions are engaged in and driving the change. After all, cloud is more than just new technology, it’s a culture change, encompassing new operating models and governance, too.


Codify your new operating model

We help you build best-practice organisation structures with the right governance, policies, guidelines, technical strategies and tools. Our popular cloud training and coaching helps embed an agile/DevOps culture. That way there’s a common framework underpinning your operating model – and you can scale in an efficient, cost-effective way.

Nordcloud cloud services


Use partnerships to drive value

Cloud success requires a symbiotic relationship between in-house teams and external partners. We help you develop your cloud processes and working practices, so everyone works cohesively to drive value.

Nordcloud cloud services


Build a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing

The CCoE helps manage change from the inside out, facilitating knowledge and code sharing, training and collaboration. That way, the organisation has an agile network for troubleshooting, testing and cooperation. Nordcloud experts help you embed and spearhead best practices, so you build a community eager to capitalise on the cloud.

Cloud Transformation Consulting.

Walk the talk

A Strong Foundation For Sustainable Value.

We provide continuous assurance for the success of your cloud transformation.

Cloud transformation consulting ensures a smooth end-to-end cloud transformation execution. It’s the crucial part to implementing what has been designed – aligning stakeholders, measuring progress, fine-tuning strategy and managing change along the way. It brings strategy to life while delivering tangible results, thereby client management stays on top of development at all times.

Why Nordcloud for cloud transformation consulting?

Strategic cloud assurance

We don’t see Cloud transformation as a technology play but rather a business transformation. We integrate all the relevant business and IT initiatives needed during the journey, ensuring fast and tangible business benefits. We ensure constant transparency for management, allowing quick re-adjustment and course correction during execution.

Bring change to life

Nordcloud brings management consulting blended with architecture and engineering knowhow to ensure accurate deployment of cloud strategy and organisational change. You get technical cloud depth combined with functional cloud breadth.

End-to-end transformation

We drive the complete end-to-end cloud transformation, delivering everything needed for organisations to thrive in the cloud. It means we truly can be a one-stop shop for transformation from strategy to security, technology and training, to design to DevOps.

Change Leadership & Communications.

How to drive sustainable change and make it stick.

Nordcloud’s change leadership and communication offering is a structured approach to support and guide you in transitioning the mindset and ways of working of an organisation. This is where we focus on the people side of your technology and business change. The offering focuses on:

  • Managing and communicating change within your business, guided by our extensive knowledge and experience of cloud adoption
  • Streamlining processes and managing bumps in the road with our skilled change experts and proven change tools to ensure you succeed in your cloud journey

Cloud transformation FAQ.

What is cloud transformation journey?

A cloud transformation journey is the process of moving a business and its operations from a traditional hosting environment to a cloud-based environment. This journey involves several stages. These include assessing the current IT infrastructure and prioritising key applications and workloads for migration, as well as choosing a cloud service provider and ongoing management of the cloud environment.

What are the cloud transformation phases?

Cloud transformation phases will vary depending on the organisation, but most will include: assessment and planning, migration, integration, optimisation and management. The planning and assessment phase looks at current infrastructure and establishes the most effective route to the cloud. Next, the data and workloads will be migrated to the cloud environment, then integrated with current systems. The cloud environment is then optimised for performance, scalability and cost effectiveness. Finally the cloud environment will need ongoing management to ensure it continues to serve the business effectively.

How do you start a cloud transformation?

A successful cloud transformation should always start with a clear strategy. Outlining what success looks like and the steps to be taken to get there will ensure smooth internal communication and stakeholder buy-in at all levels.

What are the 4 steps in the transformation journey?

The journey to successful cloud transformation can be broken down into four key phases:

  1. Discovery – reviewing software and workloads
  2. Assessment – determining suitability for migration
  3. Migration and Integration – moving workloads to the cloud platform and ensuring they work with existing systems
  4. Maintenance – ongoing management to ensure the business continues to derive optimal benefits
What are the 7 R’s in cloud transformation?

The AWS 7s Rs are: Rehost, Replatform, Repurchase, Refactor, Retain, Retire and Relocate. This 7R system has been adapted by AWS from the 5R strategy developed by Gartner in 2010.

What is the difference between cloud transformation and cloud migration?

Cloud transformation is the journey an organisation undertakes to move its workloads and data to the cloud. It involves a number of activities including assessment, planning, integration, optimisation and management. Cloud migration is the part of this journey that involves the actual moving of data and workloads to the cloud.

What is the value of cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is an incredibly high value proposition. According to McKinsey, cloud transformation could generate around $1 trillion for Fortune 500 companies by 2030.

What is the impact of cloud transformation?

Cloud transformation is changing the way modern businesses operate. The potential impact for organisations is huge: executed effectively, cloud transformation offers improved flexibility and scalability, cost savings, automation of processes, access to innovative technologies, robust security and compliance controls and much more.

What is one of the top cloud transformation challenges?

Cloud transformation is complex and technical, and this can be a stumbling block for many organisations. Having experienced people in place to guide and advise is vital for cloud transformation success.

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