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People say training with Nordcloud is like having a compass for their cloud journey. From basics to advanced development techniques, coaching and mentoring – we help you and your colleagues work at the cutting edge.

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Kubernetes Basics

This course is an introduction to Kubernetes and an overview of containers as well as different managed orchestration tools. The course will help you understand the underlying architecture foundational objects of Kubernetes. The course will also familiarize you with managing and deploying containerized applications.

Cloud DevOps Training

A tailored introduction into DevOps practices, processes and technical solutions in the public cloud.

Cloud Basics Training

This course is recommended for a broad audience to raise cloud awareness and help with the culture change needed for a successful cloud journey.

What our clients say

"Instructor was amazing, answered all my questions and we had a great discussion regarding the real world solutions. Very knowledgeable!"

Course Participant, London