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OpenAI Integration With Public Cloud.

Put the roadmap, governance and infrastructure in place to deliver AI applications efficiently and securely.
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Where can you make use of AI for your business?

As the technology continues to evolve, leveraging generative AI in the cloud holds immense potential for enterprises. We’re paving the way for more efficient and effective utilisation of AI models that will streamline and unlock these exciting new possibilities for businesses.

Our aim is to allow teams and developers to make the most of their tools, services, and infrastructure to power and scale AI applications effectively.

The first thing we tell clients in this area is to keep it simple. If we focus our attention on ChatGPT, which is where most of the opportunity is right now, there are really two functionalities: enabling semantic search, and generating content.

Therefore, enterprises should focus their attention on business cases that clearly map to these things.

For example:

  • FAQs – employee intranet, customer call centre, customer portal UX
  • Controlled LLM usage for employees
  • Rapid content generation from document repositories

So, if you’re considering exploring the potential of AI and cloud in these kinds of areas, we’re here to help.


Data Visibility & Control

Gain visibility into data repositories while maintaining regulatory compliance and control over sensitive information.

Efficient Collaboration

Foster streamlined collaboration and knowledge sharing through the power of AI models, enhancing productivity and innovation.

Improved User Experience

Deliver exceptional customer and employee experiences by leveraging AI’s capabilities to automate and personalise interactions.

Get Full Value From Data

Extract valuable insights and knowledge from unstructured file repositories, driving informed decision-making.


Our data experts have built a couple of demonstrations to show you how AI can be used for some common enterprise use cases. They’d be happy to run you through these and answer any questions you have about AI and your business.

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Where do you need help integrating AI with public cloud?


User authentication needs to be in place and managed carefully to ensure only the right people have access to the model and any underlying data.


Administering cost control is vital in managing both the direct costs of using cloud services and the potential indirect costs associated with preparing the model for use, such as data cleansing, formatting and governance.


Teams need to plan for wider adoption across the organisation by defining scaling strategies based on projects, teams, departments, OpCos or sets of documents.


Governance needs to be in place to ensure only non-confidential information can be searched for or non-PII information to be provided

Data Accuracy

Validation of the model’s responses needs to be in place and care taken if using it for decision-making purposes


Teams often struggle to build strong enough business cases for new technologies like this. Comprehensive cases may need to be developed to determine the return on investment of some of the new use cases.


Businesses often lack the capabilities to develop these models further through programmers, developers, data scientists, or prompt engineers

Nordcloud cloud services

Enterprise Gen AI Strategy & Roadmap.

Unleash the power of AI with a strategic game plan

We can help lead an enterprise task force, reporting to the CIO and CEO to balance threat and opportunity considerations, set the direction for success, and plan and judge your pace of innovation.

We’ll also develop a longer term strategy and roadmap for AI adoption, use case selection and putting the frameworks in place to roll out adoption and development across the company.

Nordcloud cloud services

Governance Framework.

Guarantee the security and compliance of your AI approach

Our GRC experts can put the puzzle pieces in place to ensure the security, safety and confidentiality of the AI models and its underlying data are tightly controlled and managed.

We’ll also guide your path towards compliance with local data privacy regulations and industry best practices by implementing policies and procedures to govern handling, storage and access.

Nordcloud cloud services

Business case development & cost clarity.

Crunch the numbers and maximise the value of your projects

To turn potential into reality, we’ll help identify and concept your AI use cases, and calculate the ROI of using AI on those projects to set expectations and the foundation for success.

We can provide a view of the overall costs being incurred due to the use of the AI models, and identify opportunities for cost optimisation to minimise the costs associated with running AI workloads.

Cloud engineering & integration.

Build the technical bridge between your setup and AI

Our team will review your existing architecture and engineer and develop the necessary infrastructure to seamlessly integrate AI within your cloud setup. This includes data landing zones and connecting with AI APIs, to enable smooth integration with various cloud services.

Why Nordcloud?

High-velocity innovation

We’re cloud pioneers with a 100% cloud heritage, so you have cloud natives guiding your entire journey. The result: increased delivery velocity and faster digital transformation – which means accelerated competitive advantage.

Strategic view

We don’t just execute – our cloud experts understand the full end-to-end picture to map a business case that drives real value for your business. We set you up to realise the full organisational benefits of effective, scalable and secure cloud solutions.

Global cloud leadership

We’re a leading partner for all 3 public cloud platforms and a Visionary in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud IT Transformation Services. You therefore get agnostic advice across Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud to deliver the right solutions for your business.

We’d love to give you our AI Demo.

Our data experts have built a couple of demonstrations showing how AI can be applied to common enterprise use cases. They’d be happy to run you through these and answer any questions you have about AI and your business.

Stephen Russell
Stephen Russell
Head of Data Practice