Nordcloud Germany to sponsor Hamburg’s JeffConf



Nordcloud Germany is going to be a proud sponsor of this year’s JeffConf in Hamburg, taking place next month on 16th February.

This will be an event focussed on everything Serverless, Machine Learning, AI, and Data Analysis, but we hope that a special highlight will be Nordcloud Senior Developer and Architect Arto giving a talk about Serverless WordPress.

Arto will be showcasing migrating a (semi-) high traffic WordPress site from a costly server to AWS Lightsail & server-side rendering React app on Serverless framework. On the new framework it will be faster and more secure, however, the customer won’t have to compromise on their favourite website/blog editor.

We are looking forward to meeting everyone and to talk to others in the Cloud industry about how you are using Serverless solutions right now, or, if not, then how they would benefit you and your business. We promise to share all of our best practice knowledge, so come and say hello to us at the Nordcloud stand!

Tickets are going fast, so sign up here to secure yours, or get in touch with our team here.

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