In the beginning of 2019, Nordcloud appointed Minna Lindholm to lead its people-driven growth as the Senior Vice President of Professional Services.

Lindholm has served a long career in the ICT field. She has acted in the ranks of international players, such as Tieto, Fujitsu and Nokia, where her responsibilities included global tasks, team management and other business functions. At Nordcloud, Lindholm will direct customer projects in all ten operating countries.


Lindholm’s appointment plays a role in the Finnish company’s growth agenda

Public cloud is on the rise and with its help, Nordcloud aims to expand operations. Lindholm’s unit approaches growth from a human perspective. The goal is clear: to utilize Nordcloud’s own talent by empowering employees and giving them tools for success. The key for Nordcloud is the modern way of working that emphasizes agile methods and automation.

“This is an interesting time to join the team. It’s amazing to see how Nordcloud continues to develop from a growth company to a force of nature that reshapes big corporations,” Lindholm says. “The key in this development is people, of course. My job here is to bring the best out of our employees and create superstars: remove barriers and help them see what they’re capable of.”