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We have 3 cloud stories for you today, all of which relate to seamlessly integrating cloud/tech solutions within a complex IT and business environment. 

They are:

Each company took a different approach to scaling cloud while improving coordination between IT and business units.

First, Porsche

Porsche Informatik, Porsche’s IT and software arm, wanted to scale cloud while meeting a wide range of internal stakeholder needs. Its approach boiled down to: giving freedom with guardrails.

This involved:

  • Cloud enablement workshop – to define the governance model, support model and security policies
  • Cloud foundation – a highly automated environment in Azure using pre-defined Nordcloud solutions
  • Upskilling – so teams could administer the foundation solution

The approach delivered:

⬇️ 30% reduction in deployment costs vs previous public cloud platform

🌎 10x more native services covered vs previous public cloud platform

🚀 Scalability up to 300+ independent workloads/applications

Porsche Informatik.

With Nordcloud’s Azure Cloud Foundation service, Porsche Informatik has a best in class Cloud environment to build industry leading applications.

Read it here

On to BMW

BMW wanted a robust way to manage cloud governance and operations as they scaled across Microsoft Azure and AWS. The ambition: have a Public Cloud Platform enabling all product owners and application teams to access cloud services in a compliant and efficient way.

The platform provides:

  • Central gateway to the cloud â€“ with rapid global provisioning and management of cloud resources for the whole BMW Group
  • Operational excellence and automation â€“ including full DevOps tooling
  • Multi-cloud governance and security â€“ with in-built configurations to ensure compliance at scale

In 1 year, there was:

📈 50% increased number of AWS Accounts and Azure Subscriptions due to fully automated self services

🏎️ 50,000+ self-service requests processed (all via automation)

BMW Group.

Creating a public cloud platform for the BMW Group that enables multi-cloud governance and operations at scale.

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BMW case study

Finally, Vitesco 

Vitesco Technologies used to be part of Conti. It was spun off as an independent company to develop and manufacture tech for sustainable mobility, which involved 100% separation of core IT services and a completely new cloud infrastructure from scratch…

…In 6 months…Because they were ringing a bell on the stock exchange.

In other words, they needed to move fast, but set up their IT infra in a way that would enable sustainable growth (the strong and steady kind as well as the green kind). And it was a dramatic finish:

✅ 6-month deadline met

🏆 95% of environments/apps using the new operating model

🏎️ 800+ instances spun up using our building block/IaC approach

Vitesco Technologies.

Empowering a global manufacturer to build out its cloud infrastructure at scale, from scratch.

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Vitesco case study

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