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Are you following the big European football ⚽ championship at the moment?

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be dreaming of your team bringing that trophy 🏆 home in a few weeks.

You’ll also know there’s absolutely no way your team’s ever going to win it. They’ll probably lose very painfully on penalties. Why do we get our hopes up?

You know what you’ve got a better chance of winning with? Cloud.

But, that doesn’t mean cloud’s easy.

If cloud isn’t managed right, it’s like having a team full of GOATs, but you can’t get the win. 

Your Cloud Centre of Excellence (CCoE) is meant to be the top-class manager leading you to glory. But maybe things are moving super slow. Motivation isn’t there across the team. And you’re struggling to manage politics off the pitch. 

Here’s how to finally start winning:

Training. You can’t expect to just step on the field every week and win, without putting the right skills, relationships and processes in place. 

Governance. As the leader of your on-pitch plans, your CCoE should be more than a talking head. They need to build capabilities and nurture teams to drive winning outcomes, not just yell from the sidelines.

Speed. Just like a quick and precise counter-attack goal, think about setting up your dev teams with the automation and processes to ship code faster.

Managing change. You can’t just expect to win without things like communication and streamlined processes to help people step on the pitch with confidence.

Ready to finally get your cloud strategy out of mid-table and to the top of the league?

In this playbook, we share winning tactics on:

⭐ Transforming your CCoE from a firefighter into a strategic playmaker.

💪 Focusing on opportunities to strengthen your cloud defence and security.

📋 Aligning governance, automation & performance measurement with your game plan.

🤝 Another meeting of Europe’s finest

Right now, Europe’s elite footballing talent are in Germany trying to win a big trophy.

You might’ve also heard about a different group of elite talent meeting somewhere else in Europe, a little later this year.

In September, the Cloud Revolution Summit is coming. 

Thinking about it, it’s kind of like the European Championships of tech events. Tech leaders from around Europe will fire their hardest shots at an expert panel, who’ll tackle them live.

The goal? To help tech leaders like you overcome the biggest challenges in cloud right now.

Topics we’ll be kicking around are:

🧠 Generative AI

⚙️ IT operations

💪 Cybersecurity

😎 Cloud efficiencies

Don’t miss your chance to score with real insights and winning strategies. 

Find out more and register here.

👟 Did it kick off on the podcast this month?

Imagine a match where AWS, Azure and Google Cloud are the star players. That’s kind of what our latest Cloud Core Podcast is like, as our experts Maarten (AWS), Kosti (Azure) and Quentin (Google) share some background stories, latest innovations, and big-game match-ups between the big 3 cloud platforms. 

Our host Wojciech is the ultimate referee to keep the game flowing and keep it clean.

Get the play-by-play on cloud provider origins, their latest game-changing innovations, and which could end up being the MVP for your team’s needs. From AWS's sovereignty in Europe to Microsoft’s supercomputer power plays and Google’s cutting-edge AI assists, this tackles what you need to know about the hyperscalers right now. 

(And don’t worry - it’s not 90 minutes long).

🥅  ITSV scores with multi-cloud.

ITSV, big players in Austrian social insurance IT, needed help upping their game with a winning multi-cloud strategy.

Nordcloud put in a star performance, helping ITSV with:

🏃‍♂️Speed and agility: With automation and agile processes for rapid deployment.

👬 A solid defence: Robust security to meet high standards.

 đŸ¤źâ€â™‚️ A flexible lineup: With scalable infrastructure for multiple environments.

ITSV’s now ready to score big and accelerate cloud adoption. Read the full story here.

🏆 W3schools wins big with AI-powered learning

W3Schools is like the champion of web development, with 75 million monthly visits and a global fan base. 

To continue leading the game, the goal was to offer developers a personalised learning experience: W3Schools Pathfinder. And we joined their star-studded lineup in building it.

What did we do? Well, we were kind of like the all-action midfielder, covering lots of areas of the pitch from helping develop the architecture to securing AWS funding.

And what was the final score? Pathfinder was launched in 4 months - with 1.3 million users in its first 4 months. It sets new industry standards in customer experience, and helping users score their learning goals faster and be part of an active community. And it’s been built with serverless architecture, helping with significant cost savings and scalability.

Read how we did it here.

📢 Cloud quote of the month

“The main thing we like about working with Nordcloud is how good it is having them in the trenches with us. When it gets hot, Nordcloud experts really own the solution, they own their work all the way into production.”

… Not bad, huh… 

*Gracefully accepts player-of-the-match trophy*

 đŸ“°  What we’ve been talking about this month

🇸🇪 Microsoft’s $3.2 billion investment in Sweden’s cloud and AI sectors

💰 Nvidia topples Microsoft & Apple as most valuable company

🇩🇪 Amazon will invest another €10 billion in Germany

⚖️ I compared ChatGPT against Google Gemini

🫠 Three-minute explainer on… technostress

🗓️ Some dates for your diary:


21 Aug - Helsinki: Get it Right With SAP + Cloud

A breakfast event, helping you move SAP to the cloud and understand the right approach for your business. Join us.

4 Sep - ZĂźrich: Nordcloud Connoisseurs Club: AWS Cloud Day

Hear from Nordcloud and AWS experts on the key topics from the AWS Cloud Day in ZĂźrich. Save your spot

18 Sep - Amsterdam & Virtual: The Cloud Revolution Summit.

Tech leaders are joining a revolution. Register now to secure your place and challenge our experts with your current cloud pains.

Cloud Training

13-15 Aug - Virtual: Architecting on AWS. Register here.

20-22 Aug - Virtual: Advanced Architecting on AWS. Register here.

21 Aug - Virtual: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials. Register here.

16-18 Aug - Virtual: The Machine Learning Pipeline on AWS. Register here.

23-25 Sep - Virtual: Developing on AWS. Register here.

24-26 Sep - Virtual: Cloud Operations on AWS. Register here.

12-13 Nov - Virtual: FinOps Certified Practitioner. Register here.

🎧 Something to listen to in the home office

The only place you’d find Elvis, Shakira and Ant & Dec: A football compilation.

Thanks for reading, 

I’ll be back with more fresh thoughts next month.

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Darren Ralphs
Darren RalphsLinkedInHead of Content
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