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Life at Nordcloud

In Jyväskylä, we Nordcloudians attend community events actively. Now it was our turn to invite NiceICT community to visit us. NiceICT has a strong cause for women in tech. Many members are students who are still pondering what they will become after graduation, so we wanted to spread knowledge of diverse roles in technology industry with a presentation on different team lead roles in our company from the pespectives of Tuire Peurala and Eija Jokilahti.

Tuire is a supervisor in Nordcloud design studio Intergalactico, and also works as a designer on customer projects. She’s responsible of taking care of her team’s wellbeing and supporting professional development. Tuire participates actively in recruiting and works in collaboration with sales to staff most suitable people on projects, and to ensure that everyone gets to switch projects once in a while to keep up interest and get learning possibilities.

One of the best things as a UX lead is to use my expertise to help others grow professionally.

Eija Jokilahti has been working as a UX lead in her recent projects. Her responsibilities include putting design processes to practice, facilitating workshops and building design culture, among others. As one of her responsibilities was coaching others on design related issues, Eija reflects: “One of the best things as a UX lead is to use my expertise to help others grow professionally.”

The event begun with bagels and lively discussion among the guests. After the presentation, there were lots of excellent questions to dig deeper in the roles we have. Following these questions, we discussed very personal matters of being a woman in tech industry. Tuire and Eija were glad to tell that Nordcloud has done exceptionally well in taking people as they are instead of focusing on external matters. Nordcloud hosting NiceICT

When all the questions were asked and answered, we went back to vivid discussion in small groups. The event was very warm and had an intimate touch in it. Everybody went home happy and with more diverse view on what the work can be in tech industry.

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