Microsoft & Nordcloud Security Breakfast.

Come and learn about Microsoft’s security capabilities & the Azure “Zero Trust” framework

26 January 2023
| 8:30 – 10:30 CET

Microsoft, The Netherlands

Join us 👇

Strengthen your security setup and stay agile with Azure and Nordcloud.

To stay secure in today’s growing threat landscape, organizations must be able to protect, detect and respond quickly and at scale as they are faced with changes to remote or hybrid working, growing multi-cloud environments, cyberthreats, and an increasingly complex regulatory arena. Overall, in the age of cloud computing, it is becoming more and more problematic what and who you can trust, and how to indentify potential malicious actors.

With all these factors (and more) in mind, Microsoft concluded that today’s businesses need a new security model that more effectively adapts to the complexity of the modern environments, embraces the hybrid workplace, and protects people, devices, apps, and data wherever they’re located. This model is called Zero Trust Model.

We as Nordcloud took that Microsoft model to heart and made it our own! Welcome to Nordcloud’s Zero Trust Cloud Security Journey!

Intrigued?! We sure hope so.

You are hereby invited to an exclusive breakfast session about how your business can address today’s security challenges by embracing a pro-active security posture with the help of Nordcloud security offerings and Zero Trust model.

Besides a delicious breakfast, some inspiring and thought-provoking content, Nordcloud will also offer every organization that attends, a no strings attached workshop during which we will perform a basic assessment of the maturity stage of your organization and advise on next steps.


Matias Oksanen
Security Business Lead
@ Nordcloud

Stephen Waithaka
Microsoft Cloud Security Lead
@ Nordcloud

Sebastian Drinkenburg
Security Expert
@ Microsoft Security Global Black Belt team

Rickhard Alen
Global Security Practice Lead
@ Nordcloud

FREE Parking

You can all park in ‘’the Outlook’’ garage, next to the main entrance of Microsoft. Just ring number 1 at the barrier and mention who you are and for which meeting you are coming and the gate will open. You can get a (free) parking ticket at Microsoft’s reception to drive out.