Microsoft & Nordcloud: Partners with remarkable cloud experience



Experienced cloud experts Nordcloud and Microsoft have helped companies to lift their whole IT infrastructure to the cloud since 2012.

Cloud technology is no longer a thing for only pioneers or early adaptors. Even though for some it may seem so – due to increasing number of new companies offering new private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions.

We are already at the point of the adoption curve, where companies are facing external pressure of moving to the cloud, since their competitors are already using it for their advantage. Cloud is here. Cloud has already been here for several years. It’s not new, scary, or risky anymore – it is something, that experts have been doing for years and know exactly what are the best practices and suitable processes for a specific company and its infrastructure.

Partners vital for businesses’ cloud transformation

Even the largest public cloud providers such as Microsoft, Amazon and Google are dependent on their so-called ecosystems, which include regional partners with specific knowledge on certain business processes and best practices. Regional experts allow these global cloud providers to reach customers they wouldn’t be able to reach on their own. Nordcloud represents these three giants (Amazon, Microsoft, Google) in Europe, specializing in large businesses’ cloud infrastructure, cloud capacity and managed service solutions.

Last week Microsoft held a Cloud & Hosting 2017 Summit in Bellevue, Washington for partners worldwide. Microsoft’s perception of the cloud market is very similar to Nordcloud’s; customers are leaning heavily towards service providers, who can run the whole stack for them – including managed services around DevOps, end-to-end application management, and proactive capacity planning.

Nordcloud’s CEO Esa Kinnunen was interviewed by Microsoft at the summit, and Esa presented Nordcloud’s Go-To-Market model to the audience, consisting mainly of other Microsoft partners. Nordcloud’s way of speeding up companies’ digital transformation with continuous delivery & increasing developer productivity seemed to resonate very well with the audience.

Microsoft’s Azure business is on a rapid growth, resulting in a 93% revenue growth last year. Among our customers, interest towards Azure Cloud solutions has been steadily growing, whether talking about hybrid, or fully public cloud solutions.

If you’re interested in hearing more about Nordcloud’s Microsoft Azure solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. When cloud solutions might be a thing of the future for some, for Microsoft & Nordcloud they have been a part of our everyday lives for years now and this can be seen in our expertise – whether your IT infrastructure should be lifted to the cloud partially, or as a whole.

When it comes to end-customer cloud transformation projects, service providers are vital.”

 – Aziz Benmalek, Microsoft VP of worldwide hosting & Managed Service providers

Nordcloud will be present at Microsoft Tech Summit, held in Copenhagen March 30th – 31st. Come say hi to our team, if you’re planning to attend the event as well!

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