What is an association without its members?.

How can public cloud enable membership organisations to retain, grow and engage their membership communities?

Why is Digital maturity for Membership Associations so important?

Successful membership organisations must continuously work to add value to their members. The good ones listen to their members, evolve to develop new services and work together with like-minded partners to bring ideas, people and services together for the benefit of all members. 

4 critical factors in achieving successful digital transformation.

Expanding your partner ecosystem

Modern associations need to think how they connect additional digital services to their own offering to provide a more rounded member experience.

Creating new multimodal experiences

Members want to be able to consume services in a more flexible, multimodal experience. 

Creating new services for members

Modern membership associations constantly create new types of services that help their members to get more value out of their membership.

Enabling On-Demand Delivery

Members want to be able to consume services in a flexible way when it fits their schedule regardless of their physical location.

Create new multimodal experiences for members

Developing and delivering multimodal experience requires a good content delivery network which can be enabled easily through public cloud, that provide development kits and pre-build components to speed up development of multimodal services (e.g new mobile or online services)

Create new on demand services

Public cloud offers a flexible development and hosting platform to deliver usage based on-demand content like online events, training, and webinars. This allows membership organisations to easily and cost effectively experiment with new types of services without the fear of financial loss in case of unsuccessful experiment.

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Why Nordcloud?

At Nordcloud we are committed to empowering membership associations to adopt the public cloud for the benefit of their members. The public cloud offers an agile, costs effective platform for connecting and serving members and like-minded partners together ensuring your continued success.

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