Meet Eija from Nordcloud’s Design Studio Intergalactico!


Life at Nordcloud

Eija works as a Senior UX Designer at Nordcloud Jyväskylä and she is one of Design Studio Intergalactico‘s experts with superpowers. Everyone at Nordcloud knows that ‘where there is Eija, there is laughter and joy’! Eija is a real pro in design from multiple perspectives and she enjoys designing both visual aspect and user-friendliness of services. On her free time she works as a freelancer photographer. You can see her photos on Instagram. But read her story first!

I live in Central Finland, Jyväskylä to be exact. I’ve lived here my whole life, but love the fact that I get to travel around Finland and sometimes around the world for work. When I started at Nordcloud (or SC5 back then) five years ago I got to dive straight into a really interesting project; Making online games, or rather electric raffle tickets for Veikkaus. It was exciting and I learned a great deal from the project, the client and of course my colleagues. 

My title is Senior UX Designer, UX design is what I mostly do. My daily work consists of a wide range of design work and I love the fact that I get to do so much of what I feel enthusiastic about. Solving real problems and coming up with something game changing is what sets me on fire! It is fulfilling when you’re presented with a problematic use case and you turn it into a seriously dazzling user experience! WOW! This of course applies in digital products, but why not also in social or communicational scenes. 

On top of the inspiring work and professional growth that I’ve experienced at Nordcloud I have to say that the single best thing here are the people! I get to work with tech and design professionals, and it blows my mind how much I can learn from them. And even though we’re all nerdy we are also super cool and hip and fun!

On top of being a designer at Nordcloud I’m also doing a lot of Culture Ambassadory things. For me this means being the ears and voice of my colleagues, developing our culture, tackling possible issues in our work community or environment with our people operations team and initiating fun things to do together. Along these I also do quite a lot of photography both at work and in my free time. To balance it all out I work out in different forms at the gym, dance studio and outdoors. And hey, these are all things that are supported and encouraged by Nordcloud!

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