Machine learning? Yes, we can!



Machine learning is changing the world as we know it

Algorithms that learn from data are responsible for breakthroughs such as self-driving carsmedical diagnoses of unprecedented accuracy, and, on a lighter note, the ability to identify cats via YouTube videos. They power your Netflix recommendations and generate Spotify’s weekly playlists. They can translate text, solve analogies, route your mail, win Go championsanalyse sentiments in written text (even, to some extent, detecting sarcasm), and make sure your palm isn’t accidentally recognised as input when you’re using an Apple Pencil. They can even generate pieces of art.

With the rise of cloud computing and from that the viability of Deep Learning techniques, the relatively old field of machine learning is undergoing a beautiful renaissance, backed by the biggest players in IT. Machines may not yet be close to as intelligent as us human beings, but we’re witnessing huge strides almost daily. It’s a truly exciting time not just for Computer Science, but society as a whole.

At Nordcloud, we believe that machine learning will only become more and more important, regardless of domain or sector. We envisage a world in which machine learning completely changes the way we use and interact with computers.

To this end, we are proud to announce that machine learning is now part of our official offering

Our aim is to take a pragmatic approach and use best-of-breed algorithms, libraries and tools, fine-tuning them to make truly remarkable, smart applications and digital services. And in cases where existing approaches don’t cut it, we’ll implement our own bespoke solutions based on the latest academic research. And, as always, we hope to do all this with the unique blend of passion, pride and fun that Nordcloud is known for.

In the coming months, we’ll be writing a series of blog posts about machine learning—what it’s all about, what it can be used for, and why it’s worth taking note of. In the meantime, if you want to learn more, fancy seeing some demos, or just having a chat over a cup of coffee, our doors are always open!

You can find our data-driven solutions for business intelligence here.

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