Kari Koskikallio joined to lead our digital design studio Intergalactico



Kari Koskikallio, 43, has joined Nordcloud to lead our designers to engage the human superpower of creation at Intergalactico, Nordcloud digital design studio.


Watch Kari talk about the magic in creative work on this video



Kari Koskikallio,43


  • Finnish and Australian citizen
  • Begun his career as a graphic designer in an advertising agency
  • Business consultant at Accenture (Finland and Australia)
  • COO at Fjord (Finland and Australia)

At Nordcloud 

  • I will grow and develop the design business in all our 10 countries in Europe and sync the design offering with Nordcloud´s offering.

When I have free time

  • I write science fiction under alias Rock Forsberg
  • I exercise and run
  • I am a football manager of my son´s football team


Read more about Intergalactico digital design services here

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