HUS chooses Nordcloud and Google to Accelerate its Digital Competence



Nordcloud will harness its years of expertise in public cloud to benefit HUS in migrating to Google Cloud and its services.

Google’s europe-north1 region, located in Hamina, Finland, is a determining factor for many Finnish organisations in choosing between hyperscale providers.

The arrival of Google’s public cloud in Hamina was a central developmental step for digitalisation of public sector in Finland. Google Cloud’s Finnish region enables the use of cloud tools and added value while at the same time storing the data physically in Finland”, says Lars Oehlandt, VP Google Partnership of Nordcloud.  “As the Nordic public cloud pioneer with hundreds of projects under our belt, Nordcloud has refined a method we call Cloud Journey for taking business to cloud in a controlled and smart manner. Our cloud journey concept is an excellent fit for both public administration and health care organizations in order to secure full value of public cloud.”

Google Cloud’s Finnish region enables the use of cloud tools and added value while at the same time storing the data physically in Finland.

– Lars Oehlandt, VP Google Partnership, Nordcloud

In addition to the advantageous region, HUS will obtain access to Google Cloud’s numerous features: advanced analytics, machine learning and container services, high-level information security, and world-class infrastructure.

“Our cooperation with Nordcloud has deepened fast with the interest and demand generated by the Hamina region. Together we will serve Finnish companies and public administration organisations that are developing and modernising their operations with Google Cloud”, says Carita Mäkinen, Field Sales, Google Cloud Platform.

Google announced in May that it will invest 600 million euros to expand its data center in Hamina. The new construction will add to Google’s existing data-center complex in Hamina on the south coast of Finland, taking the company’s total investment there to 1.4 billion euros. Google’s Hamina complex will be powered by renewable energy acquired from three new wind farms in the Nordic nation

Earlier this month, Nordcloud was the first Nordic company to achieve the status of Authorized Google Cloud Platform Training Partner.

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