Managing Opex vs Capex in Cloud Migration

Avoid the Pit of Financial Despair When Migrating to the Cloud

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What’s the most painless way to finance cloud migration?

Migrating to cloud can feel like climbing Mount Everest. There’s treasure waiting at the summit (with great value for the business), but it can be an arduous ascent with complex capex vs opex pitfalls.

To reach that summit where you’re leveraging cloud benefits and getting value, you have to navigate across the chasm separating the status quo from cloud enablement. Fall, and you find yourself in a pit of financial despair.

This guide helps you avoid that pit of financial despair 

It discusses how to simplify opex vs capex management, so you can:

  • Finance migration without hitting cash reserves
  • Control migration capex and prevent costs from spiralling
  • Optimise opex spend and accelerate business value from the cloud