Industry 4.0: 7 Steps To Implement Smart Manufacturing

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Take Advantage of Nordcloud’s AI Expertise To Get Ahead

Industry 4.0 and Smart factories

Industry 4.0 technologies like the Internet of Things, machine learning and artificial intelligence, for example, mean that manufacturers can now make legacy equipment ‘smart’.
In fact, Industry 4.0 is expected to:

  • Connect machine-to-machine communication using the Internet of Things.
  • Decentralise decision-making by the cyber-physical system in an autonomous manner.
  • Introduce a mechanism to predict failures and issue alerts in real-time.
  • Create enriched digital twins populated with sensor data from the plant or field.

Is your organisation ready?

Nine out of ten manufacturing executives believe that ‘Smart Factory’ digital technology, including AI, will help their business, according to the Manufacturer. But only 12 percent of firms are actually using them.
What about your organisation?

We at Nordcloud can help manufacturers take advantage of artificial intelligence, the internet of things and machine learning technology built into public cloud services like Microsoft Azure to make better decisions, cut costs, improve safety, reduce waste and improve quality.

Whether it’s a pilot project or a full-scale implementation, we have the know-how and industry insight to help embrace the latest technology.