Guide to the Digital Vault

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Your Guide to the Digital Vault: Cloud-enabled Resilience for FSI Organisations

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Learn how to leverage the cloud to achieve business continuity.

For critical infrastructure sectors like financial services and insurance (FSI), basic continuity planning has always been part of keeping up with regulations.

But two factors are driving business continuity up the agenda for FSI in 2023:

  • The current geopolitical instability in Europe
  • New regulations like DORA and NIS that require businesses to leverage digital technologies like the cloud to keep running in the event of a disruption or emergency

The Digital Vault is a cloud-based strategy to achieve business continuity. It helps you use cloud to safeguard critical data and keep essential services running during disturbances.

“Not preparing adequately exposes companies in the FSI sector to diverse economic and reputational risks. We’ve seen this play out in the event of data breaches, for example. A cloud-based Digital Vault needs to be part of continuity planning so customers know that when the unexpected happens, their data and funds will be safe, and they will still be able to access services.”

Kris Soderlund, Global FSI Leader
Nordcloud, an IBM company

Read the Digital Vault guide to learn how to assess your current and target levels of continuity readiness – and discover the next 4 steps you can take to achieve greater operational resilience.