Cloud SOS: Treating a case of cloud failure

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Your cloud-enabled future loomed bright. Major budgets were allocated. Agonising hours were spent herding stakeholders. You’re now using cloud, but your teams and the wider business aren’t reaping the expected benefits.

Even with the best intentions, tech leaders are struggling to fill those skills gaps, particularly when it comes to cloud implementation, migration and net new deployments. As a result, the business is held back – from capitalising on the cloud’s potential to deliver value internally (boosting efficiency and agility) and externally (delivering products and services that boost revenue).

This SOS guide helps you identify where is the problem and next steps to critical cloud care

Critical Cloud Care Is:


4-6 weeks to make the diagnosis and get you the prescription


Focused on technical, financial and operational steps that add tangible value


The aim is to give you a sustainable model so you and your team can really take ownership of the cloud

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