A sustainable approach to digitalisation

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How manufacturers can use the cloud to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint

Skyrocketing energy costs. Government net-zero policies. Post-pandemic recovery.

These factors mean manufacturers are at a turning point for digital transformation and sustainability. And the cloud plays a crucial role in delivering digitally-enabled, sustainable growth.

This interactive guide explores 3 focal points for achieving measurable reductions in energy consumption and emissions through your cloud journey.

It gives you practical ideas along with case studies, so you can see how other manufacturers are driving this forward with measurable results.

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IT infra and GreenOps

Hosting, running and managing your infra more sustainably.

Digital ops and the cloud-based factory

Using all that great Industry 4.0, IIoT and data to drive down energy usage and emissions.

Carbon-conscious digital service development

Driving a culture with processes and governance that drive sustainable innovation.