Generative AI on AWS.

We help you escape the GenAI hype cycle and use the capabilities to create demonstrable value.

If you’re eager to experiment with AI but wary of compromising intellectual property or breaching regulations, then we’re the partner for you.

With our GenAI Accelerator on AWS, you get both quick wins and sustainable value. You benefit from a user-friendly, secure way to explore the art of the possible – and build towards production-ready, repeatable, reliable and scalable enterprise solutions.

  • Safely leverage GenAI’s potential
  • Accelerate adoption beyond POCs and demos
  • Keep data safe with robust security controls specific to AI workloads

Looking for support with other data and analytics requirements? 

We also offer a full range of data and analytics services, from strategy and foundations to (non-Gen)AI, machine learning and business intelligence. 

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Secure AWS AI landing zone.

The GenAI Accelerator features a secure AI landing zone based on AWS reference architecture and best practices – and is enhanced with Nordcloud’s experience and expertise. You therefore get a practical starting point to build towards a successful enterprise solution.

Out-of-the-box deployment.

Get the AWS infrastructure you need through infrastructure as code, so you can safely leverage GenAI’s potential.

Security assurance.

Experiment with GenAI securely and responsibly. You benefit from robust security controls designed specifically for AI workloads, reducing the risk of unauthorised access, data breaches or leakage.

Accelerated time to market.

Rapidly swapping models, data sources and base prompts reduces time to market and enhances AI deployment agility – making experimentation easy.

Vertical-specific solutions.

Our GenAI Accelerator on AWS has dedicated solutions designed for:

  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and CPG
  • Financial services
  • Telecoms
  • Utilities

Trusted AWS Data and Analytics Competency Partners.

As certified AWS Data and Analytics Competency partners, our AWS-certified experts help you meet you data and analytics needs.

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Cloud Cloud
The collaboration was driven by Nordcloud. They pulled ahead of the project and showed us the capabilities of GenAI with AWS. During the development of the GenAI chatbot, we came across many more great ideas for applying GenAI, and Nordcloud and AWS helped by elaborating on the possibilities.
Dennis Bos
IT Operations Manager
Raiffeisen Bank International
Nordcloud was an essential partner in building RBI’s data lake platform, and without their experience, this journey would not have been possible.”
Philipp Pfneisl
Delivery Lead
Working with Nordcloud has provided us with great insight on how to collaboratively work with technology partners. We were involved throughout the development iterations, and Nordcloud could challenge our existing ways of working and proactively deliver effective solutions.
Olivier Renard
Head of Software Architecture
Distribution Innovation
The Nordcloud team worked quickly and to the point, and were able to anticipate our needs incredibly well. They take their customers seriously in all aspects of their relationship and are eager to put specific experts on specific aspects of the job. This meant flexibility, speed and accuracy with each stage of delivery.
Terje Ramstad Johansen
Head of Cloud
I think we are past the point now of fulfilling what we’d hoped for at the beginning. Everything now is a bonus on top of that. It’s beyond expectations – and that’s down to the collaboration and how everyone from AWS, W3Schools and Nordcloud have worked together.
Thomas Thorsell-Arntsen
From the customer experience point of view, it’s been a great leap forward. They absolutely like this, and we are getting a lot of good feedback.
Jyri Kulmala
General Manager of Online Development;

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