CXOs: Don’t miss these Cloud Lessons from the C-suite



Hindsight. Retrospect. Lessons learned. Call it what you want, but we all walk away from business and IT projects wiser, sometimes humbled, and undoubtably better prepared for next time. If you’ve been a part of moving any of your companies’ workloads to the cloud—no matter the size or complexity—I’m sure you are nodding along.

Things you thought you would go swimmingly sometimes present the biggest challenges. Concerns that kept you working late into the night turned out to be non-events. At Nordcloud, we have sat shoulder to shoulder with our customers working through situations like these. Along the way, we too have learned.

In our new eBook—5 Real-World Lessons from the C-suite to Apply to Your Digital Transformation— you will discover our top five most common lessons we emphasize when talking with CXOs and business leaders. What you won’t see are technical bits and bytes, architecture best practices, or ROI analyses. Not that these aren’t important, but they are well understood and documented elsewhere. Instead, use it to learn about fresh thinking and new stones to turn over.

Everyone needs to have a vested role in a successful cloud transformation.

For instance, there’s a good chance that loyal MSP that’s been an integral part of your IT operations for the last five years could be the partner to take your business through a cloud transformation.

Why, you ask? Read the ebook to find out.

So, give a thanks to all the other CXOs and leadership teams that have gone before you. They’ve stubbed their toe along the way, miscalculated expectations, and even ruffled some feathers. Now you can learn from them and come to your next cloud initiative better equipped. But this eBook isn’t just for cloud leaders and the technical teams—put this in the hands of all parties involved. Procurement, HR, operations, legal, and more. Everyone needs to have a vested role in a successful cloud transformation.


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